Thursday Purseday OR Tuesday Shoesday, you pick!

So I know that title doesn’t make any sense, but that’s my ploy here. It’ll make you WANT to read! Or you’ll just go “Claire’s actually gone off the reservation this time.” Which, is probably more accurate. But, either way, I have something REAL real real pretty to show you, courtesy of….PINTEREST. (Duh, is there ever any other way to find pretties this day in age?)

The joy of pinterest (done right) is that most of the pins lead you back to their source, and I’m SO happy this particular one did because it led me to my new favorite fashion blog, Gal Meets Glam. The blogger, Julia, has the BEST sense of style. In addition, most of her finds are very affordable, so normal people like you and me can mock her outfits! She’s also a real person which makes it easier to read and relate to!

Now, before I show you, I must warn you. You aren’t going to know where to look. The shoes are killer, the purse is INCREDIBLE and the dress is perfectly chic. I’m just, in awe of everything that’s happening. Hence, this post could either be a “tuesday shoesday” or a “thursday purseday”. Take your pick 🙂

Photos are courtesy of Gal Meets Glam.

Um, incredible right? Those shoes are amazing!! But, for the sake of it being Thursday Purseday, let’s take a closer look at the bag.

Absolutely perfect. The sparkle makes it perfect for special occasions and the color makes it oh-so versatile. Swoon.

Now, I’ll ask, what do you think of this ensemble?



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10 responses to “Thursday Purseday OR Tuesday Shoesday, you pick!

  1. i have that forget me knot. and i *love* that bag. granted, i’m also buying a pair of sparkle oxfords… so i’m probably the wrong person to ask about sparkle. i hate sparkle that tacks things up, but when it’s just so openly sparkly, so like OH HEY I’M JUST HERE TO BE SHINY, i can’t help but love it. it’s absolutely fabulous.

  2. Alicia

    What I am loving is that little bow ring! But of course the clutch and shoes are GORG too! Although I am convinced if I had her body, everything would look amazing on me.

  3. Oh my sweet mother of purseday shoesday this is perfect.

  4. I love the purse & the shoes… but even more so, I love that delicate bow ring she has on 🙂 it’s SO cute!

  5. Oh how fab! Takes some guts to wear that! From the lace to the sparkle to the kitty me-yow. Think I’d rock that.

  6. This outfit is literally perfect. On trend, but classic. Sexy, but reserved. I want. Shoes. Bag. All of the above.

  7. Super pretty! I’m not that into animal prints but the shoes are pretty awesome too.

  8. Seriously where is that clutch from? Must have!

  9. KatieC

    Ah! Those look like the Sam Edelman Lorna pumps. I actually tried them on and ALLLLMOST bought them, but I got my closed toe Ivanka Trump leopard heels instead. But gosh, I love these…

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