What I’m Loving Wednesday: Rehearsal Dinner Mad Men Frocks

Why, hello Wednesday. You are looking pretty good today. Have you lost weight? New hair cut? Not sure what you’ve done but you are looking FINNNEE. I have ONE MORE DAY until the weekend and I’m barely holding on. So Wednesday, be kind to me okay?

Let’s talk for a minute about rehearsal dinner attire. I may be old-fashioned, but I believe a rehearsal dinner is a very special event. I don’t care if you host it at the Ritz Carlton or a trailer park, the event itself is a very big deal. It’s the night before your wedding, for petes sake! It’s the night before the madness, the last night you are an I instead of a we, the last night (many of us) are known as the name we’ve grown up with. Plus, it’s time you get to really spent with your bridal party uninterrupted with the craze of the actual wedding day. You get to talk to some of your guests and laugh with your husband. Honestly, I loved every second of our rehearsal dinner for that very reason. However, through the blog world, I’ve learned that some people just don’t care about rehearsals or dinners. They serve the purpose of purely being time to practice and that’s it. They don’t host a dinner or dress up, they just run through the motions. Although I don’t agree with this, to each their own. All I know is that it was a very special event TO ME and I wanted to frame the event accordingly, attire wise. I even remember talking on the phone with my mom a few days before, saying “please tell everyone not to wear jeans, to dress nicely.” and my mom going “well, duh! It’s a rehearsal dinner, who would wear jeans?” Maybe it’s just my family and how I presented the rehearsal dinner’s formality, but almost everyone showed up looking dapper. 

My ladies looking gorgeous!

This  might just be me, but I don’t understand how people can not see the importance of this event and dress appropriately?

Hopefully I didn’t ruffle too many feathers. If you disagree with that statement, I will argue that you won’t disagree with these AMAZING potential rehearsal dresses I found in Banana Republic’s incredible Mad Man inspired collection. Although they have a similar collection each fall, they really knocked it out of the park this year. I’m swooning over the dresses below.

and my favorite, of all time, because I’m absolutely obsessed with  lace:

I may or may not have a virtual shopping bag filled to the brim with these incredible pieces. Although I have no more rehearsal dinners of my own to attend, the little white lace number would be trendy paired with some knee-length tan boots and a long cardi, don’t you think? Maybe even a summer scarf? My blood pressure is rising and I’m like giggling over here. My coworkers must think I’m NUTS.

What’s your view on rehearsal dinners? Important events that require a dress code or super casual dinners, if that?



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7 responses to “What I’m Loving Wednesday: Rehearsal Dinner Mad Men Frocks

  1. I’m dying over the last two! Just gorgeous.

    So I’m completely with you on rehearsal dinners. Then again, I’m always the awkwardly overdressed one while everyone else is wearing jeans.

    It really does vary by where you live too. In Chicago, as long as you’re in the more expensive neighborhoods, no one ever looks at you strangely for being dressed up. But in the ‘burbs where our parents live, jeans and tees are the norm.

  2. Ashley

    I agree with you 100% that rehearsal dinners are a special part of the wedding! It’s a great time to get together with friends and family before the chaos of the wedding day ensues. As for the dresses, I LOVE the first one!! It’s to. die. for. I may just have to look into wearing it for my own rehearsal dinner! 🙂

  3. Eli

    I loved our rehearsal dinner…and *almost* everything about it…but I have one issue with rehearsal dinners: They are getting out of control. There used to be, as you said a “time you get to really spent with your bridal party” and your family. Now it’s gotten to be this ridiculous event with tons of pressure about who’s invited. Over half of our guest list was invited and it was just another crazy, expensive event for us…and very stressful. We even (after meticulously planning) ran out of food. I kind of knew it would be that way, and given that knowledge, and the knowledge that the next day would be nuts, we wanted it our way. So we specifically made it a casual BBQ…jeans and all. I have no problem with formal rehearsal dinners and even find them fun at times, but I wanted *something* from that night to be comfortable and the way we wanted. Just my two cents. 😉

  4. Ah, wedding rehearsal dinners. I think they’re great and wonderful if you do them for the right reasons. I feel more often than not, it has a tendency to turn into a circus, especially if you have a set of parents footing the bill since they want to invite all their out-of-towners and then your family has to invite theirs or it will be off-balance. . . Anyhoo.

    For ours, since we were out. of. money. decided to forgo the rehearsal dinner for an unhosted “Whitney and Stephen are going to the food carts after the rehearsal and if anyone wants to join us please do so” dinner. We chose to do it this way because everyone would be able to pick what their wanted, and we wouldn’t have to pay, and mostly so we could accommodate all the food allergies and diets in my family (just on my side we have a gluten allergy, rice allergy, lactose-intolerance, and vegetarians. Thanksgiving is a hoot). We picked food carts in a nice area, with a fabulous reputation, that were both family and disability friendly with access to great parking. It worked out beautifully. Those who were unable to come didn’t feel pressured to do so, and we were able to catch up with the out-of-towners who could make it, and the dress code was whatever you wanted it to be.

    For the record, I wore a new green dress I had bought specifically for the occasion, and I sat next to a dude with pink hair who was wearing cat ears. I love Portland.

    Rehearsal dinners are what you make of them (just like a wedding). If you want a dress code, then put it on the invite. If you have a question about someone else’s, call/text/tweet/FB them about it.

  5. Alicia

    I LOVE That last dress. I agree that rehearsal dinners are important but I agree with what Eli said, they are getting out of control (as are weddings so it is no surprise.) You are already spending thousands of dollars on the wedding, the rehearsal dinner shouldn’t be this crazy fancy, debt-inducing, dinner. It definitely should not be something the couple stresses over. I think it should be more fun and light hearted. Save the fancy stuff for the wedding.

  6. I can’t…I can’t even. I’ve texted you many a time during the rehearsals I run. People show up in jeans, GYM SHORTS, tennis shoes, etc. It’s honestly kind of disrespectful, in my opinion. Like, take this shit seriously.

    Anyway. Love the dresses!

  7. Love the last two – especially the little black number!

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