Tuesday Shoesday: Chiffon Bows, Um Yes

Soft chiffon, a pearlescent color and a flattering ankle strap. To many, these sound like the world’s perfect shoes. And to one, very very lucky bride, they were HER perfect wedding shoes.

[via Style Me Pretty]

I literally gasped when I saw them. How absolutely breath-taking are they? Now close your eyes and imagine them, for a moment, paired with a tee length wedding dress that has a tight lace bodice and a flowing, tulled skirt? (like the one below?)

[via Pinterest]

A dream combination. A perfect mix of vintage lace with a modern shape and a unique pump.

What do you think? Too bold for a wedding shoe or just perfect?



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7 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: Chiffon Bows, Um Yes

  1. Too bold? Is there such thing (ok except lady gaga shoes that no human can walk in)? Those are beautiful. Dreamy. Substantial with softness.

  2. Wow, wow! Oh, how I love these! {A}

  3. these are seriously the best wedding shoes everrrrrr

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  5. SO so pretty! You could easily DIY some by tying some chiffon around the ankle of any ankle strap shoes. Actually, I’m going to pin this photo on my wedding pinboard right now. Thanks girl!

  6. They are too pretty! (But in the good way!)

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