A Charleston Wedding: Bloody Mary’s, Beach Houses & Trials

So, I’m a little late on these recaps, aye? In my defense, I’ve been busy! But lately, I can’t put them off anymore because I’ve been experiencing some MAJOR wedding withdrawals. I was at my good friend Heidi’s wedding this past weekend and it really made me miss our incredibly amazing day. So, instead of moping around and staring incessantly at my photos, I’m going to be proactive and actually do these recaps!  Now, I could recap the whole year leading up to my wedding, but I’m pretty sure that would bore ya’ll to tears and cause you to never want to read my blog again. So instead, I’m going to begin at the most important time, 2 days before!

As ya’ll know, we got married on Friday, March 25th in the incredible city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Just  like I could talk about all of the planning, I could also talk forever about how much I love this city. But, we are here to talk weddings 🙂

We left DC on Tuesday night after work and, honestly, the drive didn’t feel as long as it normally does. Chock it up to nerves or excitement, but we both seemed to mind the 9 hour trek a little less this time. The dogs, on the other hand, were not as enthusiastic.


Because of the infamous DC traffic (which lasts well into the depths of Virginia), we didn’t get into Charleston until close to 3am and didn’t actually get to sleep until around 4. As soon as we got to E’s parents house, we had to answer emails from the DJ, send updated song and seating lists to our coordinator and tackle some last-minute things that needed to be done by that morning. Safe to say, when that alarm rang at 8am on Wednesday morning to awaken us so that we could pick up our marriage license, we were absolutely exhausted. But, we were also really excited because we were PICKING UP OUR MARRIAGE LICENSE! I’m kicking myself now because I didn’t get that “we just got our license!” photo, but I can assure you there were smiles, hand holding and skipping back to the car.

After we got our license, we headed to Slightly North of Broad (go there next time you in SC, if for nothing other than the amazing bloody marys) to meet my parents so we could attend our last meeting with the coordinator! Of course, there was a bloody mary to be had.

The meeting with Melissa was quick and fairly painless. We went over last minute logistics and made sure all the t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted. I’ll say this, though, Melissa is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. She was always there to listen to me, offer pieces of advice and talk me off the ledge. She is truly an incredible person and I highly, HIGHLY recommend A Charleston Bride to anyone looking to get married in Charleston!

After the meeting, we rushed to pick up our welcome packets and thank you cards from the stationeer. Hours of blood, sweat and tears went into making the welcome packets and it’s a little disheartening to know how many people never got to see them because they weren’t staying at the hotel blocks or in the dual beach houses my family rented. (Photos via my best friend Emily).

After the packets were picked up, my mom, best friend’s mom (aka, second mom) and myself RUSHED to the beach house so I could meet my hair stylist and make-up artist for my trials. Before we get into that, I want to give you a little background on the beach houses.

My mom always knew she wanted to rent a house on the beach for the wedding so that a big group of the family could stay together without having to pay a ton of money for a hotel room. Plus, my family is nuts and prefer to travel/stay together on every trip they take. Seriously, every big trip the family takes they always find a way to fit everyone into one place of lodging. However, I’m so happy they did this because it made for some amazing memories and the house(s) were absolutely gorgeous. (Photos by my aunt and uncle!)

Looking back, I was cutting it a little close leaving the trials to days before the wedding, but at the same time, it really didn’t matter. I had a bunch of choices picked out and Tanesha, the amazing stylist she is, re-created it all perfectly. Plus, Leslie, the make-up artist, was incredible and she literally made me look flawless. The look I was going for was “old Hollywood glamour” and they hit the mark perfectly. I think part of why I wasn’t nervous to wait with them was because I knew how good they were and trusted them completely. Good vendors are always, ALWAYS, worth the price. In addition to getting a better return on investment, you also get peace of mind. Which is something you can NOT put a price on. (Photos via my uncle!)

You’ll have to stay tuned next week to see the finished project! (Or, just click here to see some teasers from my bridal shoot!)

So brides, how long did you wait/are you waiting to get your hair and make-up trial?



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10 responses to “A Charleston Wedding: Bloody Mary’s, Beach Houses & Trials

  1. Beautiful! I love Charleston! I can’t wait to go back!

  2. oooooooooooh i’m looooooving this already!!! i want to see more!!!

  3. Emily

    Can we do it again?? Pleeeaaassseee???

  4. Can’t wait to see more Claire! I LOVE recaps 🙂

  5. Love you. Love Charleston. Can’t wait to see more!

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  7. capclassique

    Ah, so exciting! Can’t wait to read more!

  8. Hooray for recaps! The houses look beyond amazing – definitely a great idea to have everyone together. We’re doing the same at the B&B that we’ll be getting married at!

    As for hair and make up, I’m still securing people (probably using Em’s SIL Brianna for hair though!) and, being the anal person I am, will prob have the trial WAY too early. But I’m ok with that 😉

  9. I kind of waited until the last minute for some of my trials/booking a few vendors! I didn’t hire our cake baker and florist and hair/makeup artist until about….2 months out? Eeek. It all worked out though, thankfully!

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