Marvelous Monday: Burlap and Bling

I owe this entire post to the lovely Allison of Engaged & Inspired. She pinned a gorgeous picture on Pinterest, which led me to an entire amazing feature on Elizabeth Anne Designs with photography by Kristyn Hogan!

Now, I must first preface this by saying that I’m not a huge burlap girl. I appreciate it and I honestly think it looks great, it’s just not my go-to when it comes to design or decor. Well, that was until I saw it paired with something I do gravitate towards; bling! I’m such a big fan of sparkle, glitter and all things shiny, but ya’ll know that with this post, this post and this one. However, as much as I love sparkle, it can be seriously overwhelming if it’s not paired down with something more natural. The burlap compliments the sparkle PERFECTLY, giving you a touch of glamour and sophistication AND rustic chic.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this combination. Plus, the family style seating, the clusters of candles and milk glass and the simple white & green floral arrangment create the most incredible tablescape ever. After seeing this set up, I would seriously consider using burlap to accompany sparkly candles and glittery accesories! Of course, this shoot inspired me to search the world wide web for other uses of burlap and bling, which led me to a GORGEOUS tablescape shot by Three Nails Photography and a bouquet handle by an artist on Etsy.

Absolutely fabulous, right? I love the addition of the sparkly brooch & lace trim on the mason jar!

Isn’t this SO unique? I love the vintage looking jewel addition to the bouquet and the burlap stem.

If you are more of a DIY kinda bride and want to create your own burlap & bling look, try these glittery clothespins by That’s Happy, which look great paired with a burlap inspired invitation package or clipped onto a burlap napkin!

So tell me, are you a bling and burlap lover or do you prefer the two used seperately?



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7 responses to “Marvelous Monday: Burlap and Bling

  1. Alicia

    That shoot is by far one of my favorites of all time! I LOOOOOVE the mix of burlap with bling!

  2. Love, love this! Such an eclectic mix that equals a fun look!

  3. LOVE! I went to the farmers market yesterday in Solana Beach and stopped by one of my favorite stores and guess what I saw?? Burlap and bling items to swooooon over! When I saw this post it made me smile they had mini burlap bags and the top was folded over with mini clothespin all decked out in glitter. Sooo cute…I love this post Claire…just love it. xo

  4. when i first saw this shoot i fell in love immediately. the colors, the textures – everything! perfection.

  5. I’m the opposite to you… luuuurve burlap, not so blingy… but I adore the combination of the two!! I love this shoot… those wraps around the chairs are such a lovely detail! haha… or lovely little detail as Jacin would say 🙂

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