Tuesday Shoesday: Ugly or Cute?

In my many shopping exploits, there have been a few instances where I have fallen in love with a pair of shoes I once thought were repulsive. The color was off, the design was all wacky and I just was NOT going to throw them into my “must try on” pile.

But then, after I return to the shoe department to put back those glittery silver stripper heels (because really, when would I wear them?) I see those infamous shoes again and have a completely different reaction. Maybe it’s because I’m delerious at this point from trying on dress after dress, shoe after shoe, and my mind is fooling me. Or I’m just seeing them with a whole new set of eyes.

That, my friends, is how I feel about these Chinese Laundry pumps I found on DSW. At first, I was like “omg, these are hideous who would wear them!” Then, at second glance, I was like “well, actually, these are pretty cute. They’d be super cute with a white sundress!” So, I beg the question friends, fans and readers, what are your thoughts? Ugly or cute?

Honestly, I think they are a really fun, cute, end of summer wedge. I woud pair them with a coral, white or champage colored dress with some simple jewelry. I could see myself getting some use out of them around Labor Day! So, I’m eager, though, what are ya’lls thoughts?



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3 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: Ugly or Cute?

  1. I wasn’t sure at first… Then it hit me… They’re pretty freakin’ fabulous!

  2. They’re a bit too much for me but for some reason I think they may be cute for someone else.

  3. It would require a seriously simple ensamble to go with it- but I’m sure someone could rock those. It just won’t be me.

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