Stephanie & Raidi Wintry Chicago E-Sesh

I am very excited to bring you the rest of Steph & Raidi’s GORGEOUS e-sesh. I’m absolutely SO in love with these photographs (if you couldn’t tell by my gushing on the sneak peek) and am sure you will love the rest as much as I do. The couple behind Enmuse Photography truly have mastered the art of photography. Plus, with the heat index as high as it is in DC, these chilly, snowy images give me a much-needed chill! Thank you Avina for sending the images and providing commentary!

Stephanie & Raidi love Chicago during the winter time, but how could they not? Despite what seemed like 100 mile per hour wind on our faces, we were blown away by how breathtakingly gorgeous the city is! Their #1 request was to help preserve their lovely memory about Chicago in an e-sesh, so we gladly obliged! 

They chose Chicago for their e-sesh destination because it’s where they met and have spent most of their time as a couple. So naturally, we tried to hit some of the big landmarks, like Millennium Park and the old Chicago theatre.

In addition to hitting the landmarks, we also made an effort to wander around the city and just stop each time we found an “interesting” place to shoot. 

One of our places that we found wandering was a beautiful spiral staircase we found inside a random hotel.

The couple’s “must have” location for the shoot was the Financial District. For those who watched the Dark Knight, you may recognize one of the buildings as the  Wayne Enterprise’s building. We must have taken a hundred pictures there!

Congrats Stephanie & Raidi! To see more of the amazing work by Enmuse Photography, check out their site!


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  1. Thanks a lot for your kind sharing~ I can see photographer capture a lot of emotion into these wedding pieces, and I can feel same happy as the individuals in the picture.

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