New Hair Do

It’s a double post kinda day over hurr! But why the second post when the first one is so amazing? Well, I’m getting my hair did on Sunday and I finally decided what I’m going to do with it! Before we get to my inspiration, I need to show you a picture of the lion’s mane I have now.

So I realize I kind of look like a demented serial killer here, apologize in advance for that. I hope we can still be friends. As you’ll see in the graphic above, my hair is a HOT MESS. It’s wild, it’s unmanageable and the color is completely faded. To give you some color perspective, this is the color it was in March.

See the difference? Red typically fades faster than any color but my hair kept a sliver of red in it for about 3 months. Then one day it was gone and I was left with a grungy brown/dirty blonde mix. I never saw myself as a red-head and never was brave enough to go all red. Well, that was until a few months before the wedding when I had a hair breakdown. Instead of keep the blondish color I’ve had forever, I listened to my colorist’s urgings (she kept telling me how gorgeous I would be with red hair, how my eyes would pop, etc) and took the plunge. Now, I’m never looking back. I feel like a totally different woman with red hair and to be honest? I feel more attractive and confident.

See! Don’t my eyes and features really stick out? As weird as this sounds (and as unnatural as it should be since I’m 75% Hungarian), I think I’m meant to be a red-head. So on Sunday when I go in for a cut & color, I’m asking for deep, dark red, almost like a burgundy. My inspiration is this photo I found on Engaged & Inspired.

How perfect is her hair color? She’s absolutely stunning anyway but I’m absolutely IN LOVE with her hair’s deep & dark, almost purple shade of red.

Now, in terms of cut, I want to keep the length but do something with the crazed bangs I have now. I’m between straight across bangs and soft side swept bangs. Here’s me with both options. I need your help, what do you think?

Straight across

Side Swept

All opinions are welcome, unless I don’t agree and in that case, shut up. (I KID, I KID!)



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13 responses to “New Hair Do

  1. I looooove you with red hair. I love me with red hair too but I hate how quickly it fades, so I don’t do it anymore. I love the color you chose and I vote for side swept like in your second photo.

  2. Love it! You do look absolutely stunning as a redhead. I think some people are just meant to have different hair colors – look at Christina Hendricks. Just gorg with red hair. Could you picture anything else on her now?

    Also, I really like your bangs straight across!

  3. The dark red color inspiration is gorgeous! I think it would look great on you! Also, I like the bangs side swept! 🙂

  4. Alicia

    Red hair is gorgeous on you and I am partial to darker hair anyway! I can’t wait to see how it looks! In regard to the bangs, I like an option that allows you to do both. That is a bit tricky but a slightly longer version of straight across so you can sweep them away if you feel like it.

  5. I LOVE you with red hair. I’m a bit of a color enthusiast myself (er, duh? We whasians don’t generally come in blonde, hahaha) and I think your colorist is right. Your eyes POP and you look GORGEOUS. I’ve always been a fan of the blunt bang look — it’s so edgy and it grows into side-sweeping so it’s kind of like the best of both worlds. That being said, I also love your inspiration photo girl’s hair, and she has the sidey thang a-goin’ on. Eeep hair changes! I’m still dithering on mine but it’s starting to dither a little closer to the side of going for it. Ahhhh!

  6. Lois Gazdick

    Darling I would love you if your hair was green! As to your to
    ancestory you are officially 25% SWEDISH and 12.5% Hungarian and 12.5% Slovenian on your Mothers side. I think you are mostly German on your Dads. Yea SWEDS Rule. your grandmother Lois.

  7. I vote straight across bangs. I did red once and you’re right, makes ya feel sassy!

  8. That red color looks AMAZING on you and I am voting for the side swept bang myself even though you look gorgeous no matter what.

  9. Red heads for life, yo! ❤ I'm such a side swept bangs nut, but you look super cute with the straight across look.. gah, I don't know! I'll just say side swept for old times sake 🙂

  10. Straight across bangs! It looks so cute/edgy. Plus with your glasses and pulled up in a messy chignon–adorable! And then since bangs grow fast, within a month, you’d have side swept. Win, win! 🙂

    Good luck!

  11. Sigh…you look ravishing in red hair! I love it.

    I usually choose my bang length based upon the season…sideswept in the hot months and shorter in the winter…only because when my bangs are short in the summer, they tend to get plastered to my forehead and it drives me nuts!

  12. I DEFINITELY vote bangs straight across. I love that look for you. And I also love the red, it does seem to be sort of made for you. The close up from your wedding looks like Scarlet Johannson! Can’t wait to see the ‘do!

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