Friday’s Fab Finds: Family Style Reception Tables

Happy Friday!! Since I now “work” from home, Friday doesn’t carry the same allure it once did. Don’t get me wrong, I love the weekends though. I love spending time with the husband & friends. Plus, it’s the only time I get to spend by the pool (I mooch off my lucky pool friends). Besides hiking, I’m not sure whats on deck this weekend. But those are always my favorite kind of weekends, esp. after the busy one we had in Charleston for the 4th!

Onto the topic at hand, family style reception tables. I absolutely love these set ups because they feel so homey, so comfortable. Plus, they make the seating chart debacle just a little easier to manage! Our main reception room was a “mini” mockup of the long table look (see below). Because of the set up of the mansion, we couldn’t swing full family style tables.


The rooms were STUNNING. But I can’t help but imagine what I could have done, decor wise, if we could have used a more family style set up. You can really play with the centerpieces. Instead of one big centerpiece on each table, you can have several clusters of vases, jars and flowers along the whole table. Paired with candles, luminaries and chandeliers, this look is absolutely dreamy.





Along the more rustic, vintage chic trend, I absolutely love when brides choose NOT to drape these long tables with linens. Instead, they use place mats under the centerpieces and other covers, like patterned runners, to add some more character. Who said you had to use linens? Not only will the table look more authentic, you’ll save some change!




You seriously can’t go wrong with this type of seating. Plus, you can really get creative with how you decorate! I love how Allison, of Engaged & Inspired, created a one of a kind look with her reception tables using book pages and mason jars!


I’m absolutely gushing over this idea. So I must ask, what are your thoughts? Brides, would you use a family style set up at your wedding? Pros, do you prefer this type of seating?



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6 responses to “Friday’s Fab Finds: Family Style Reception Tables

  1. We really wanted to do family style, but it was waaaaay more expensive. I guess because they have to make a lot more food to put at each table? So we’re doing a choice of two entrees instead. Oh well, such is life. I had no idea just how expensive all this is before planning our wedding!

  2. The long table, family style is definitely my favorite!

  3. love that last pic best!!

  4. We rarely ever have sit down dinners at Indian weddings,and I wish we did. They can be so gorgeous just like all these lovely examples!

  5. Oh my goodness! What stunning photos. Makes me want to get married again. 😉

  6. Love table setting features. The first room is sooooooo elegant. Kudos!

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