Tuesday Shoesday: A Little Fun

Happy Tuesday Shoesday friends, fans and the like! I apologize for the late post, but I had quite the busy morning. I went to a mobile government conference (don’t ask) with the hubby because he wanted me to “network and learn about what he does,” or so he bribed me with last night. The real reason, I came to find out this morning, was so I could get out of the house and “dress up in normal clothes.” I guess my nike workout pants were a little too unemployed chic for him. Either way, he was right. It was nice to put on a cute work outfit and feel like I had a real purpose for the day. Not that I’m unhappy being home and having time to devote to this blog and my brand, but I definitely miss being in the working world.

But let’s talk shoes now! One thing I love is when brides have fun with their wedding shoes, in color, pattern and design. But what I love, even more, is when the groom has fun with his foot apparel as well, with fun shoes or crazy socks. This adorable couple, captured by the incredibly talented Jose Villa Photography, show that you are never too old or too formal to have a little bit of fun with your wedding day look.



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6 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: A Little Fun

  1. What fun, indeed! Loving this!

  2. Alicia

    Adorable and I love those yellow shoes!

  3. Dying over his socks! So fab!

  4. I LOVE when brides/grooms incorporate color/meaning behind their shoes. I just saw a blog post about a couple who wore and requested that their guests all wore red shoes in honor of heart’s disease.

    I’ve also seen quite a few couples wearing TOMs (if you haven’t heard of them…go look now!) in their weddings as well.

  5. Jade

    Is there any chance that anyone knows who designed those shoes or where they came from? I’m on the hunt for yellow wedding shoes! HELP!

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