What I’m Loving Wednesday: Free Flowing Bouquets

It is a gorgeous day out. The sun is shining and it’s only slightly offensively hot. Because of these factors, my post is going to be short today. What kind of person would I be if I let this beautiful day go to waste?

What I’m absolutely loving today are free-flowing wedding bouquets. Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional bouquets, but there is something so incredibly romantic and natural about a bouquet that isn’t tied together and flows. This kind of bouquet has recently resurfaced in popularity because of the royal wedding. Kate wanted something very natural and very reminiscent of a garden grown bouquet.


She isn’t the only royal celebrity to have this kind of bouquet either. Remember Princess Diana’s? It was a larger, fuller version of Kates.


I love how these bouquets look against a white, traditional wedding gown. As much as I loved my bouquet, if I could go back, I would definitely opt for a brighter, hand tied, cascading bouquet like the ones below.

[1, 2, 3 & 4)

So what’s your vote? Tied and neat or free and flowing?



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3 responses to “What I’m Loving Wednesday: Free Flowing Bouquets

  1. yes, yes, yes, & yes. love them too!!! xo

  2. I love a more wild version of free and flowing for sure . . .

  3. Free and flowing are cool to look at, although heavy to carry, Kate’s looks just right!

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