A Perfect Island Engagement

Time to break out your sunscreen, flip-flops, bikinis and sunglasses because it’s the first “official” day of summer! Although the weather here in DC is not indicative to this, I’m still all smiles. Summer is my time to relax by the pool, catch up with old friends and take a much-needed vacation. Now that I’m at home during the day, I can partake in more summer activities like bike rides, ice-cream for lunch and naps in the sun. I know, life is tough 🙂 Now, what could be a better way to celebrate the warm summer months than gazing at the rest of the island engagement shoot featuring my cousin and his fiancée? In case you missed it, be sure to catch up on this adorable couple and see a darling teaser pic of them here!

Although I’m incredibly excited to share the rest of the photos, shot by the very talented Doug Treiber photography, I’m even more excited to share some funny stories of the day from the glowing bride-to-be, Clare! My whole family was up at the bay that weekend, and if you know my family, there was surely lots of mischief happening 🙂

For those who don’t know, Put In Bay is a small resort island off the state of Ohio on Lake Erie. It’s an island that boasts more golf carts than cars, the best fried walleye sandwiches around and the greatest candy bar in the state. Curt and my families have had properties up there since our parents were teenagers and we’ve been going up every summer since we were born. Put in Bay is in our bloods, it’s apart of who we are and I know I’m not out of line saying there is no place in the world we’d rather be during the hot summer months. Enough talk from me though, I’ll let the photos & Clare tell you the story of their perfect summer day.

We chose PIB because it means so much to not only Curt and I, but to his family as well. We haven’t been there in over a year and were missing it so incredibly bad, that we knew our joy of being up there would exude through in our photos.

Regarding the pictures, I don’t think Curt and I were ever nervous, but after meeting Doug he instantly put us at ease and allowed us to really act like ourselves in front of the camera.  It didn’t take him long to realize that we are a fun loving couple who doesn’t like to take life too seriously and really got us to laugh and show that in our photos.

A couple funny tidbits from the day. Two of Curt’s uncles, who are photographers, were there giving Doug the third degree of what cameras he was using! Also, Curt’s aunt and mother were sneaking around in the golf cart trying to take pictures without being seen, and drove themselves into poison ivy!!! We heard their screams and laughs while taking our pics on Curt’s grandparents lane! We had such a fun day and I’m so glad Doug could capture it!

Curt and Clare, I love you both so much and I’m honored to share your love and your story with my readers! To learn more about Doug’s amazing work, check out his site!



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3 responses to “A Perfect Island Engagement

  1. totally sweet! thanks for sharing their story! love it. xo, chrissy.

  2. Alicia

    That ring shot is FAB! Such a sweet couple!

  3. That is so sweet. I love her little splash of red, it works so well with the rest of the photography. Those two are just too cute! Super e-session!

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