What I’m Loving Wednesday: In a Jar Favors

Looking back at my wedding, as perfect as it was, there are a few things I wish I did differently. I wish, for one, we hired a videographer. I wish I knew that the bridesmaids didn’t have to match. I wish I re-applied my make-up towards the end of the night. I really wish I had carved out more time to really personalize the details. Like, I don’t know, spent a few extra hours baking little pies into jars with heart-shaped crusts on top?


They wouldn’t have matched my theme, at all, but aren’t they cute? I’ve noticed a lot of brides making “in a jar” favors for their guests and I’m completely smitten with the idea. Not only are they cute and delicious, but they are quite cheap to assemble. The most expensive part would be finding all of those mini jars, which I”m pretty sure you can find at any home goods shop anyway!





Although pies are the most popular jar treats, I’ve also found brides putting cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, cakes and home-made fudge & chocolate sauce into jars. I’d love to be a guest at one of those weddings! Talk about perfect late night snack food!

Cheesecake in a Jar



Cake in a Jar



Cookies in a Jar



Fudge in a Jar



Jam in a Jar



A perfect, budget friendly way to really leave your stamp on your wedding. Plus, your guests will be happy because they are left with a tasty treat!



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8 responses to “What I’m Loving Wednesday: In a Jar Favors

  1. Lindsay

    I love! I could eat 5 red velvet cakes in a jar!

  2. Oh these are sinful! I could eat red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for the rest of my life…and in jar?? So handy and portable…oh but these are for weddings 🙂

  3. those are so fab! xo, chrissy.

  4. Pie! And then you throw the whole thing in a jar? It’s so cute it’s practically unfair!

  5. Alicia

    I love the little pies but they are all so cute!

  6. These are the cutest things ever…. I’ve been meaning to try them for ages… perhaps this Cmas!!

  7. I just saw bookmarked the ourbestbites.com tutorial a few minutes before reading this post!! I’m already doing homemade vanilla extract for favors, but I thought the pies in a jar would be perfect for rehearsal dinner dessert or maybe for the bridal shower! They’re so adorable!! and they seem pretty super easy!!! Thanks for posting!!

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