Dress of the Day: Vera Wang Spring 2012

This dress? No words. I mean, what can you say about something so undeniably beautiful that when you look, you are rendered completely speechless? When I saw this gown on Brides, I knew, instantly, that I had to post it.

I can’t even place what I love most. The color is absolutely exquisite, the oversized bow & contrasting sash create the perfect silhouette and the extravagantly soft ruffled skirt give the gown an essence of medieval romance. This dress, my friends, is absolutely perfect. There just isn’t another way to describe it. The woman who wears this on her wedding day is brave, confidant, strong, fashionable, naturally beautiful and incredibly proud. She is a woman who isn’t afraid to be her. I would absolutely feel like a queen in this gown.



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6 responses to “Dress of the Day: Vera Wang Spring 2012

  1. That dress is SERIOUSLY incredible! Swoon!

  2. I LOVE THE COLOR! Looks like a present.

  3. Oh wow!! It’s like a piece of art instead of an actual dress 🙂

  4. well, hello Vera! Lovely, indeed! It’s truly stunning. xo, chrissy.

  5. I’d definitely wear that! 😀 Not to mention that it is Vera Wang, it’s perfect for vintage-themed weddings. 🙂

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