What I’m Loving Wednesday: Ruffly Wedding Cakes

This may be because I’m a foodie, but one of the first things I look for when scouring real weddings is the cake. You may call me obsessed because modern day wedding cakes are the cheese to my macaroni.

Traditionally in the past, couples didn’t really customize their wedding cakes and stuck with the plain white tiered one flavor cakes. However, these days, couples are customizing every little aspect of their cake, from the flavors, to the number of tiers, to the shape, to the colors and finally to the design. Although there are so many amazing designs out there, what I’m digging right now are ruffles. Almost all of my shirts, shoes, home decorations and pillows have ruffles, so it’s no surprise that I’m completely smitten with the look of soft buttercream ruffles delicately placed on a cake.

[Photo via]

Makes your heart flutter just a little bit, right? Well, I’m about to make your heart stop, so get ready.

[Photos 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5]

You may need to call 911, because I’m certain my heart stopped just now. I’m so blown away by the artistry in these cakes. I can barely frost a cake, better yet create gorgeous ruffles and a fondant locket.  But because I haven’t had enough cardiac failure, I’m going to show you my favorite ruffly cake to ever exist.

[Photo via]

The draping of the ruffles is absolutely incredible. It honestly looks JUST like the skirt on my wedding dress. This cake utterly blows my mind. There’s no way I’d let the baker destroy it’s beauty by slicing it! I’d have a back-up cake made to slice into and keep this on the mantle. Forever.



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8 responses to “What I’m Loving Wednesday: Ruffly Wedding Cakes

  1. I’m a big fan of the texturized wedding cakes right now! My favorites are Maggie Austin’s “signature” style – ughhh I die. Love.

  2. I’m obsessssssssssssssssed w/ ruffle cakes.

  3. textured cakes are kind of my fave 🙂

  4. GUH-just so gorgeous! Really, who can resist a whole cake of pink ruffles?

  5. i notice the cakes, too!! these are all beautiful, but that white one is my fav. pretty!
    p.s. those pumps in the previous post are SO CUTE!! i need them!!

  6. Wow the cakes are simply stunning and the only better thing would be knowing how to create the fabulous details myself.

  7. I’m with you on the ruffly cakes right now… in fact I’ve just commissioned one for a shoot… can’t wait to see it.. and perhaps eat it after all is said and done 🙂

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