A Lovely Fairhope Wedding by Ashley Victoria Photography

Happy Friday loves!! Today I bring you an incredible wedding in the adorable town of Fairhope, Alabama. But before I get to the rest of the fabulous photos, I have to share a little back story of me and the photographer, Ashley Victoria.

In middle school, I was a bit awkward. I had frizzy hair, was a bit chunky and had no idea how to dress. Safe to say, I wasn’t swimming in party invites or being asked to join the cheer leading squad. I wasn’t a loner, per say, but I had only a few select friends. Well, one day, I met the cutest little person you ever did see, Ashley. She was so nice, funny and sweet. She invited me to her birthday party at the ice skating rink and over for sodas at her house after school. Another score was that she lived RIGHT in my neighborhood. Right as we were really connecting, her parents told her that she was moving to Alabama. I was devastated, of course. We kept in touch via Facebook (I think she found me? or I found her, can’t quite remember) but I’ve become quite obsessed with stalking her life via social media. Well, just last week, I got a little message in my Facebook inbox from her saying how much she loved this blog (thank you again, by the way!) and sent me this lovely wedding to feature because it’s perfect for my site. Ashley, you couldn’t be more right!

So now that you know our story, it’s time to share the real story of this very sweet and beautiful wedding from Ms. Ashley herself!

Jessica and Robert got married at the Fairhope Inn right downtown.  It was a destination wedding for them and everyone involved.  The Groom’s mom passed away and is burried in Fairhope so it’s a very special place to them.  Fairhope is like the Charleston of Alabama, lol.  Gorgeous old small town on the Bay, huge live oaks draped in Spanish moss, the works. I love their whole story. Their marriage was a long time coming, about 8 years I believe.  She has a 15 year old son from a previous marriage and they involved him in the ceremony by having a family sand ceremony.  They were so much fun.

Jess had stone pavers made (the streets downtown are lined with them), one for his mom and one for their wedding.

Their entire wedding consisted of about 50 people, very intimate.  They each only had one attendant.  So sweet. My favorite part.. it was just days after the Royal Wedding and a lot of their guests wore really awesome hats 🙂

Congratulations again Jessica and Robert! Have a great weekend everyone!



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7 responses to “A Lovely Fairhope Wedding by Ashley Victoria Photography

  1. gorgeous….. just gorgeous! i love the light in the images!!

  2. Claire, the post looks fabulous! Thanks for featuring me 🙂

  3. J. Mark Fetner

    Ashley is absolutely adorable. She is married to my best friends son and she does beautiful work. Great job Ashley and the wedding pictures are goregous.

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  5. That shot of the dress on the bed? I die.

  6. Love this wedding. Lots of beautiful photos and so sweet! Had to smile while looking at it!

  7. Stunning wedding…the images are gorgeous! Their smile tells you they had a great time! XO

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