Tuesday Shoesday: Life’s Better With a Bit of Bubbly

Happy Tuesday Shoesday friends!

I’m exhausted and look really rough (I won’t take a picture because I like you all and don’t want to scare you away) but I’m so incredibly happy. We are moved into our new adorable little house! I use the word “moved” lightly because our house is covered in boxes and we had to sleep in the basement on the pull-out because we couldn’t find our bed stand. (Yes, we have that much stuff). I may also have given up on unpacking at around 8pm and indulged in some bubbly wine. I may just be partial, but isn’t life better once you’ve had a bit of bubbly? You may think I’m getting off course here topic wise, but wait until I show you this picture, it combines two of my favorite things in this world, bubbly and shoes!

And wait until you see these shoes, they are jaw-droppers.

Gorgeous, right? Talk about a match made in heaven! Photo via Tobiah Tayo Photography.



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3 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: Life’s Better With a Bit of Bubbly

  1. life is DEFINITELY better with bubbly!

  2. Those shoes are stunning!! And yes, I agree, bubbly makes everything better 😉 Congrats on the move!!

  3. Congrats on your move! I raise a virtual mimosa to you in toast; as Steph says bubbly makes everything better. The shoes are gorgeous.

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