Thursday Purseday: A Sweet Message

I’m an emotional person, there’s no doubt about that. But circumstances in my life cause me to be extra emotional lately, circumstances which some of you know about. So when I saw this little photograph I’m about to share, I literally burst into tears.

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There are countless ways you can thank your bridesmaids for being a part of your big day, and giving them a heartfelt gift is traditionally the path that’s chosen. But this gift, above,  goes above and beyond just hanging them a bag. This bride wrote an incredibly heartfelt message to one of her girls and had it stitched into the lining. That, to me, is one of the sweetest gestures I’ve ever seen.

When you’re a bride, you can’t help but get a little narcissistic. This day, after all, is about YOU, your husband and your life. It’s your day. With how lightening fast the day goes by, you sometimes forget to thank the people who made it all happen, thank the people who stood beside you on the biggest day of your life, who held your dress while you peed or made sure you had a bite of chicken. The day passes and before you know it, you’re married and you never even got to say goodbye to the ones who believed in you and him from the very beginning. This small sentiment in this bridesmaid’s purse will show her, that no matter what happens, their friendship meant everything to the bride and in that moment in time, that significant, HUGE moment, their friendship was still one of the most important things to her. Even if they aren’t friends anymore or time has taken its toll on their relationship, she’ll always have that little message to look back on that proves that their friendship mattered, that it was real.

I’m probably reading way too much into this due to what’s going on today, but I can’t help it. Brides, please, take a few moments to tell the ones you love just how much you love them. Take a few minutes to hug your bridesmaids and convey to every single one of them how much their friendship means to you. Whether that’s a stitch in their handbag or during a tear-filled hug before you hop in your getaway vehicle, find time to make it happen. Friendships may not last forever, but in that moment, they are one of the most important things to hold onto and to recognize.



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7 responses to “Thursday Purseday: A Sweet Message

  1. Not sure what your going through hon, but thank you for sharing this very important note to remind those around us how much they truly mean to us as often as we can. And I really love personalized and sentimental gifts so this is right up my alley and would be perfect for my bm’s! =)

  2. This is so sweet- I hope you get through whatever’s going on. Keep your head up. Thank you for the reminder that the fleeting moments are beyond precious and turn into beautifully treasured memories!

  3. 😉 sometimes we take friendship for granted and sometimes so are we.

  4. Hugest of hugs for whatever you are going through, and it is so right the greatest friendships get us through everything and anything. And it is important to appreciate those who support you. Little things with genuine feeling often mean the most.

  5. Alicia

    So true! The day does fly by and usually by the end you get out of there without saying good bye to anyone! That is a super sweet gift.

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