2 Months…

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my wedding day. I know I said this a month ago at our one month, but I honestly still can’t believe how quickly time has flown. While I was planning, it felt like the day would never come, and now, I’m gripping onto memories with a strong latch afraid to let go, silently wishing I had a time machine to go back to that day. There are so many amazing things I want to feel again, a few things I’d do differently and a few people I wish I spent more time with. But that’s life, right? We always wish we did things a tad differently than we did. But even now, as I’ve had time to thoroughly deconstruct my wedding, I still look back with nothing but utter amazement. It was still perfect. Still ultimately one of the best days of my life.  All in all, I think that’s pretty great 🙂

[Photo via Richard Israel]

Although it’s gone by fast, these 2 months have also been absolutely amazing, which is solely because I have an amazing husband. So, happy 2 months E. You make my life better, just by being in it. I love you!



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3 responses to “2 Months…

  1. E

    Why shoot, I do believe that is me. I’m ok with 2 months, but lets leave the 9 for a few years out 🙂 Love you goob.

  2. What a sweet post! You two are adorable together, happy two months.

    I still think the same thing about my wedding, wouldn’t change a thing. It was perfect and I would do it all over again if I could. 🙂

  3. today marks our 8 month date too!!! crazy how time flies!!! you were a gorgeous bride 🙂

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