Tuesday Shoesday: Simple, White, Perfection

There is something so stunning about all-white weddings. White dress, white shoes, white centerpieces, white linens. If I could do anything over again with my own wedding day, I’d pick to have everything white. If for nothing else, it makes for incredible photography.  I mean, seriously, how perfect is this bride’s outfit and her pristine white Louboutins?

[Photo via Jonas Peterson]



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3 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: Simple, White, Perfection

  1. I adore your taste in shoes. I may recruit you to help pick out mine. 🙂

  2. Claire…sorry I have been MIA on your blog. Promise to get better…I love these shoes but can I tell you. I love the dress on her. I couldn’t pull it off, my curves would hug that dress like a lost baby to its mother! 🙂

  3. they really just are perfect. wow.

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