Beach Photo Shoot by Bubblerock Studios

I’m beyond thrilled to bring you this gorgeous New Zealand beach photo shoot. For one, I love beaches. As I stare outside my office window at a brick wall, I long for a view of the sandy beach and salty ocean. Secondly, it’s by Steph Killip. This girl amazes me beyond comprehension. She is loving, kind, caring, gorgeous, silly, compassionate, sympathetic and talented. Not to mention philanthropic, as the proceeds from this shoot were donated to the Red Cross for relief from the devastating earthquake that rocked New Zealand in February. The shoot was taken on a serene beach in the inner city on a beautiful and calm Friday.

After we had the earthquake in New Zealand at the end of February, I donated 2-hour sessions for any value over $100.  Murihau chose to have her session by the beach.

The gorgeous model is Murihau, a New Zealander who was born and raised in Tahiti. (Yep, I’m jealous too!)

Thank you again to Steph for sharing this amazing shoot. Happy Friday everyone!



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13 responses to “Beach Photo Shoot by Bubblerock Studios

  1. Just gorgeous! What a beautiful locale and stunning model.

  2. HATE that you made me want to go to the beach. We’ve had non-stop rain here for weeks, and now I want to cry in longing for the sun.

  3. What a beautiful model and gorgeous shots!

  4. Thank you Claire for the feature. Murihau is indeed beautiful and it was her first photo shoot. It was a fun morning and I am happy how the photos came out… And most importantly, Murihau loves them 🙂
    Thanks again Claire for believing in me.

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  6. Murihau Richmond

    Oh my gosh…can’t believe i’m on a blog lol…Thank you for all your lovely comment, it was my very first photoshoot and i thank Steph for her time and patience with me…I LOVE THE PHOTOS THANK YOU can’t wait to have them to show family and friends…Again thank you 🙂

  7. Oh these are wonderful! Steph is an amazing person and she did this for such a wonderful cause. Beautiful and talented too!

  8. So fabulous! Well done Steph; and born and raised and Tahiti?! Now that sounds like an incredible way to live life, doesn’t it? 🙂

  9. Beautiful! Just beautiful! Everything Steph touches is pure gold!

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  11. Alicia

    Beautiful- they do such amazing things! The lighting is amazing!

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