Tuesday Shoesday: A Tribute to Photography

As of late, I’ve found myself completely enchanted by photography.  I find myself spending hours totally immersed in photographs, especially weddings and portraits. I’m sure my recent nuptials and my utter fascination with weddings is party to blame, but there’s something else that draws me in and hooks me. There is something so incredibly haunting about a good photograph. You see things that the naked eye misses, you feel like you are a part of what’s being shot. Amazing photographs have the power to awaken your senses and allow you to feel things and see things you had no idea were there.

Just me who feels like that? Oh. Well, this is awkward. I’ll get to my point then. 🙂

I was stalking Style Me Pretty this morning and was completely enamored by the post on the American Photo Magazine’s top 10 wedding photographers. So enamored that I clicked each of their portfolios and found myself permanently transfixed on each site, unable to tear my eyes away.

I know, this is a Tuesday Shoesday, I’ll get to the shoes. As I was gazing through Greg Gibson’s, a Washington DC based photographer who made the esteemed list, portfolio, my eyes were met with not only a stunning photography, but even more gorgeous shoes. I don’t know who made them or if they are available, all I know is that they are incredibly stunning. The yellow soles, the small rhinestone clasp, these shoes were made to be worn at a wedding.

[Photo by Greg Gibson]



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5 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: A Tribute to Photography

  1. I want those shoes! So elegant and lovely.

  2. I feel this way, too! (I would hope so, ha.) Greg Gibson is definitely a master. Even before I went into photography, it was what I was willing to really splurge on for those amazing photos. It really pains me when I see brides go with those photo factory type of places that are dirt cheap but just give the photographers setting combos to do for certain shots. There’s no art in that – it took me awhile to develop that feeling for what it is, and I won’t say that I come out of every single shoot feeling like, “oh, that was it” but it’s a wonderful feeling when it does happen.

    (Man, you must really write on subjects that I care about, because I always leave you novel-esque comments! Sorry!)

  3. Alicia

    I am with you on photography. It definitely amazes me. I long to be an amazing photographer.

  4. Oh they are gorgeous. and YES! about photographs. So so true.

  5. Jessica

    Those look JUST like the shoes I wore on my wedding day! Except my soles were not yellow. The style was Crystal by Grace Footwear.

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