Tuesday Shoesday: Kiwi Sandals

I owe my fabulous office mate L credit for sending me these shoes for today’s post. With how busy yesterday was, I barely had enough time to eat lunch, so I owe her big for finding some sassy footwear to feature! As you all know, the past few days have been hard, emotionally, so I’ve been feeling pretty glum. So L, knowing me well enough, sent me these bright and cheery pumps as a way to cheer me up. And boy, did they! The bright pink color and the soft petals on the top instantly boosted my spirit, not to mention the economy (I just had to buy them).  I’m pretty sure you couldn’t be sad if you wore these fabulous Badgley Mischkas! Oh and even better, they are named Kiwi. What is more quintessential summer than kiwi fruit?

Snazzy little numbers, aren’t they? I should feel some guilt for impulse buying them, but I know I’ll wear them. I mean, I have 4 more weddings to attend this year, I’m sure these will get use 🙂

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2 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: Kiwi Sandals

  1. I think we need these in every color. L

  2. I think these are too delicious to describe!

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