Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Just Another Rainy Day…

I got the inspiration for this board from a commercial, an Aqua di Gio perfume ad actually. A model is running through a forest by the beach during a rain storm. For some reason, I was transfixed. Then my crazy brain thought “this would make an INCREDIBLY SEXY inspiration board.”

My mind works in mysterious ways, folks. I eagerly spent an hour searching & documenting the perfect images for this sexy, rainy board and am incredibly intrigued by the outcome.

Rain brings more than just precipitation, it brings mystery, adventure and hope. Rain makes you see things you normally overlook and makes you feel senses you never knew you had. Rain wipes away the day’s dirt and grime and leaves the world with a sparkly, fresh new perspective. Rain brings life and movement, and without it, we wouldn’t have any of the beauty we sometimes take for granted. Makes you look at a raindrop a little differently, doesn’t it?

[Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8]



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5 responses to “Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Just Another Rainy Day…

  1. Alicia

    So sexy! Love it! As an Arizonan I love any and all rain!

  2. Yep, sexy and gorgeous. 🙂 I love rain too!

  3. Gorgeous! The theme song to this board should be I’m Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage 🙂

  4. i know exactly what commercial you are talking about haha

    this board is freaking fab – i will need to peek at it the next rainy day to fight the gloomy-ness!

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