Real Wedding: Alicia and Kyle

With my website back to it’s original glory, I’m beyond pleased, excited and over-the-moon to bring you this amazing wedding of my dear friend Alicia. I’ve known Alicia for some time and I’m still completely inspired by her every single day. This woman lives to help others in need and just knowing her inspires me to be a better person. I’ve been oogling after her wedding photos for months and I’m so happy I get to finally share them with ya’ll! First though, I have to share the story behind their Charity Wedding, told by Mrs. French herself 🙂

When it came time to start making some planning decisions, Kyle and I both felt overwhelmed and discouraged. The cost of everything was hard for us to swallow and it wasn’t so much the actual money as we fully expected to spend money on a wedding, it was the fact that all this money was being spent on one day, for ourselves. With so much need in the world, I had this overwhelming guilt about spending that kind of cash on flowers when people were going hungry each night. I truly believe that a wedding is for a couple and should reflect them regardless of what other people think about it. Rather than using decor or details to reflect Kyle and I, we decided we wanted to make our wedding more than just about us. The idea for a wedding that would benefit charity popped into my head late one night, the next day I ran the idea by Kyle, and we ran with it. I know our family and friends not to mention the vendors we emailed, thought we were a little bit out of our minds but to us, this was the only way.

Absolutely amazing, right? Kyle and Alicia were wed at Tequa Plaza, which is in Sedona, Arizona and is nestled among the rolling canyon of Oak Creek. The stunning views of the hollowed valley and desert mountains created a perfect backdrop for the outdoor wedding. Alicia wore a gown created by Victorian Cowgirl, a necklace worn by her grandmother on her wedding day and a custom-made taupe and rhinestone sash made by the talented Marie of Emici Bridal.  Alicia also made the hanger her dress hung on, as well as hangers for each of her bridesmaids! All photos are courtesy of the talented Melissa Dunstan.

Our event designer’s, Kim Duncan, mother had died of heart disease much too soon and when she agreed to participate with the process she wanted at least some of the funds to go to the American Heart Association.  We wanted to raise some awareness so my bridesmaids and I all wore red shoes, in addition we asked female guests via the invitations to wear red shoes too. It was so fun to see all the ladies who wore red shoes including both our moms! 

Honestly, I am sure that there was a favorite moment. The whole day was amazing and also somewhat of a blur! I just loved finally getting married to my best friend. Kyle and I have been together since our sophomore year of college and so we were absolutely ready to make it official and get our lives started as husband and wife.

Their stunning first look and couple photos were taken at the Sedona Golf Resort.

Neither Kyle or I are not the type that like to be the center of attention so I can’t say I loved walking down the aisle, I pretty much hated that! My stepfather served as our minister which made the ceremony even more personal and special. My mom, a former wedding coordinator, actually wrote our vows and did a beautiful job.

The event design was done by KD Events. The decor and flowers were  simple but stunning, with deep reds, oranges and yellows to celebrate the autumn season.

I loved being gathered with all my closest family and friends at one time- that has to be one of the best parts because of course that group of people will never come together at one time again!

Thank you Alicia for sharing your incredible story on A Realistic Wedding and for letting me share photos from your gorgeous wedding! For more details on Alicia and her Charity Wedding, check out her website!

Vendors: Photography: Melissa Dunstan; Dress: Victorian Cowgirl; Sash: Emici BridalVenue: Tequa Plaza and Sedona Golf Resort; Event Design: KD Events; Flowers: Glamorous Occasions; Earrings: Carly Thomas Jewelry; Cake: Sedona Sweet Arts



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11 responses to “Real Wedding: Alicia and Kyle

  1. Alicia

    Ahhh you are too sweet! Thank you for sharing our wedding! I always love seeing the photos!

  2. So gorgeous Alicia! I love your lace dress and floral sash! And choice of location paired with those colors was amazing!! My grandfather started Enchantment Resort in Sedona and I think its one of the most beautiful places in the world. Congrats on your wedding! 🙂

  3. Beautiful from all angles! Every detail complements the last.

  4. Aw, Alicia looked gorgeous. I love her gown and the sash/belt. So pretty!

  5. Lovely, Alicia! Your dress is gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I love your wooden hanger, too. That’s so cute!

  6. What a beautiful wedding. I love the how the champagne gold colors pair with the reds. Your dress is gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous Alicia!!! Love the red shoes! I was like you… hated people looking at me walking down the aisle… I was so self conscious I couldn’t look anyone in the eye!!!

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! so stunning, beautiful, & every little detail from the heart. this makes me so, so happy to read & i can actually feel what it would have been like to sit out on that patio overlooking the dessert. so gorgeous!

  9. everything about this amazing couple and wedding is just perfect, and i think it helps that they are the sweetest people ever. she is so stunning in every way, inside and out, and i feel so happy to know people like that in my life!

  10. Alicia

    Thank you all for the sweet words!

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