Marvelous Monday: Sashes

It’s no surprise to anyone that I love my wedding dress, every single inch of it is pure Monique Lhullier perfection. I knew, the moment I put it on, that it was it. I tried on others though and even went to another salon the next day (Priscilla’s, to be exact!) However, as I was eating brunch that Sunday, thinking back on my weekend of dress shopping, the one dress that made me smile and brought a tear to my eye was the Monique. As much as I loved it on its own, what really made it was the sash we added.

Image courtesy of Richard Israel photography

Yep, isn’t it perfection? I can’t remember the name of the designer for the life of me, but as soon as we put it on over the dress, I had a moment. They had never paired this belt with the dress before, which excited me even more because it really made the whole look mine. The soft colors complimented the lace and ivory and it just flowed. Plus, I used the champagne color of the ribbon in my invitations and in some decor around the event! My sash made the dress!

So clearly today’s topic is sashes! They aren’t for every bride but they are the perfect way to really add your personality into your bridal gown. I’m a rosette, flower person (I wear them in my  hair all the time) so this was a way I could really bring that out in my look! My friend Alicia, who got married in October, also had a stunning rosette sash that looked amazing with her gown!

Images courtesy of Melissa Dunstan photography.

First of all, isn’t Alicia stunning? Secondly, her sash made by Emici Bridal was equally as gorgeous. The sparkle in the rosettes added the perfect amount of glamour to her all-lace gown. Marie’s sashes run from $100-$210 and can be bought here! If floral sashes are your thing, check out these other gorgeous options from Etsy!

[1, 2, 3 & 4]

Aren’t these STUNNING? I’m seriously contemplating buying the one on the bottom right to wear. On a weekday.

If flowers aren’t your thing but want to add some seriously glitz and glamour to your dress, try one of the stunning rhinestone belts below. These would be especially stunning on a mermaid style gown, don’t you think? One of the gowns that I tried on and LOVED (over budget) was a  Rivini mermaid gown paired with a skinny rhinestone belt. I honestly felt like Penelope Cruz in it!

[1, 2 & 3]

My favorite is the one in the middle and I especially love it paired with the pink gown. You will turn some serious heads with a belt like that!

I realize both of the above are dramatic and some brides prefer a simpler, more understated look. Some ladies want a sash purely for a pop of color or a bit of embellishment. I dig that! So I found some gorgeous sashes that are not as extreme and have just the right amount of sparkle and texture.

[1, 2, 3 & 4]

A bit of satin and a dash of embellishment create a perfect belt that isn’t too head turning. I also LOVE the look of just a plain sash, like the one on the bottom left. A satin, slate grey sash would be gorgeous on a more detail heavy dress and adds a perfect pop of color!



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7 responses to “Marvelous Monday: Sashes

  1. Alicia

    I LOOOVE sashes and feel the same as you- I loved my dress but that sash made the whole look perfection! I actually got WAY more compliments on it than the dress itself! Plus I love that I can maybe mix it in to non-wedding outfits! Thank you for the sweet words!

  2. Sooo lovely!! These are such gorgeous picks.

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  4. jacin

    nothing better than a gorgeous blingy sash!!

  5. Love the sashes… and those jeweled one’s are so gorgeous!!

  6. I couldn’t be more thrilled with all the little details for brides these days! Sashes being one of them ~ and I must say these are fabulous!!!


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