Friday’s Fab Finds: eShakti

I’m EXHAUSTED today. I indulged in a *few* too many margaritas last night, but it was well worth it to spend some QT time with one of my bridesmaids (can I still call them that?). This weekend we are looking at 2 condos and town-homes for rent in Old Town, so PLEASE cross your fingers that they go through! We are getting a little exasperated trying to find somewhere to live so any good vibes you can send will really help!

So now onto the fab finds. I owe all of the credit to my office mate Lindsay for pointing me to the amazing website of eShakti. I’m utterly and completely obsessed now. eShakti is not your typical online retailer. They have a myriad of gorgeous dresses, but that’s not all. Each of their amazing creations can be customized to you. I’m talking color, hem length, straps or no straps, patterns…the whole nine yards. Even if you order the same dress as someone else, you can customize it to make it look completely different!

[Photo via]

Aren’t these just the cutest little dresses you ever did see? And not only are these SO perfect for everyday wear, they are even more perfect for bridesmaids! Each gal could have a different dress, in a different color with a different pattern! Like, how cute? Oh, and some of them are…gasp…less than $60. I know, your mind is blown. So while you’re gasping for air and typing in faster than you can blink, take a gander at a few of my faves.

(1, 2 & 3)

(4, 5 &6)

Seriously lust-worthy dresses. And for such a good bargain! Who said your bridesmaids had to match OR your dresses couldn’t be custom made?



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6 responses to “Friday’s Fab Finds: eShakti

  1. happy home hunting! fingers crossed for you.

    and these dresses are darling! i love the yellow one with the ruffly bustline

  2. Jennifer

    Beautiful dresses for such a great price, thanks for sharing! I wanted to share my own fab find with you – wedding favors that give back to a good cause. I love the wedding scrolls favors from the American Cancer Society. This is surely a way to make a lasting impression on guests.

  3. I send to you- GOOD VIBES! 😀 That number 5 yellow dress won me over! It’s perfect as casual wear considering that SUMMER time is already here and can be a very good and cute bridesmaid dress! It’s very simple yet chic and I believe will be very comfortable to wear! 🙂

  4. I am a dress fiend! eShakti is incredible, Claire! Thank you for the info, Claire! Great find!

  5. Oh this is a wondeful find!!! I love your picks. And love that they can be customized to suit whatever it is one might be looking for! Seriously, this is every bride’s dream!


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