And now what?

Okay, so that headline is a bit extreme, but it sums up what I’m going to be posting about today. I first must preface this by saying I LOVE being married. I especially love being married to E. He’s an amazing man and I couldn’t spend my life with anyone else (or anyone else could put up with me!) So far, married life is fun. I’m still not used to saying “husband” but when I do say it, I get that butterfly giddy feeling in my stomach. I think the first time I hear him say “wife” I’ll cry.  To lighten up this post, I’m going to insert my favorite photos of us from the honeymoon 🙂

So now onto the real stuff. I knew, especially towards the last few days before, that once the wedding was over I would feel some sadness that such a big part of my life was ending. But even knowing that didn’t prepare me for the full swing of emotions I felt just a few days after it. I went from a girl who knew nothing (and didn’t care to know anything) about weddings to someone who LIVES and BREATHS the wedding industry. I started this blog and honestly, it has become such an integral part of who I am.  Planning my wedding became as big a part of me as cooking, nutrition and health. I identified myself as a “wedding” person, and other people started doing the same. I’ve gotten so many emails from people I don’t even know asking me questions and asking for wedding advice. I joined Twips and became someone who people recognize with the wedding industry.  And now that my wedding is over, I’m left with that feeling of “well, now what?” Not as it relates to my married life, but more with what am I going to do now? Honeymoon picture time!

I’ve known, for ever, that I wanted to be a nutritionist. I love nutrition and health. But now that I’ve gotten SO immersed in the wedding industry and spent 12 months of my life following every little trend, I can’t help but think maybe weddings are what I’m supposed to do? I know it’s not an easy job, at all. It takes so much hard work, dedication, organization and spunk. I know you have no weekends during prime season and you have to bite your tounge and do what the bride wants, even when you know it’s wrong. I know 90% of all brides aren’t like me and some will not be easy.  I know this. And I know that just because I planned my wedding doesn’t make me a planner or a wedding pro. I know this stuff. I also know how happy weddings make me. I know that every day I’m always SO excited to read new wedding trends and catch up on my wedding blog reading. I know that I couldn’t imagine me without the word wedding somewhere attached. See my confusion? I don’t want to be a planner, I just want to be a part of this industry. Honeymoon picture time!

Snorkeling around the reef was AMAZING. Third largest in the world!

So now I’m left a little confused. I know I still love nutrition and want to do that as my career, but I also love being a part of the wedding industry and don’t know how to just let that go. So, you know what? I’m not going to. I’ve been doing SO much thinking lately about how I can merge both of these together so I can get the best of both worlds.  There aren’t any real jobs out there for this, so it’s going to be rocky trying to find my place. But I can do it. I never wanted an easy life. I want to be challenged every day and I want to come home from a day at work and think “wow, that was HARD but I’ve never felt more proud to do what I do.” Some people say that feeling doesn’t exist, but I know it does. I know people who love their job. So friends, if you know of any nutrition/health + wedding jobs out there, PLEASE let me know. Thank you for listening and I’ll leave you with a few more paradise photos!

Ahh…heaven to me.

The water was a perfect shade of aqua. Just, breath-taking.

We are huge dorks, I know.

I’ll be doing a full honeymoon recap soon, so stay tuned! For more photos of our trip and some of the wedding food, visit my nutrition site!



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13 responses to “And now what?

  1. Wohoo I took some awesome photos. Also your butt looks pretty nice in the snorkeling photo. Just saying 🙂

  2. 1. i love that your hubby comments on your blog.
    2. you should start a bridal nutrition class near you to help brides get in wedding-shape.
    3. i’m excited for you to be our new Bridal Nutrition Expert 🙂
    4. i want to go on vacation and your honeymoon pics are gorgeous.

  3. I think your wedding turned out beautifully, and I’m sure lots of brides would love your help in planning their weddings! I think the good thing about being involved in the wedding industry with planning (as opposed to something like photography) is that you can get your feet wet without sinking thousands of dollars into it. Why not try it out, especially because you already have connections, and I’m sure you can manage to do it part-time for awhile to see if you like it on an other-bride basis.

  4. Haha I love both of the comments above – but I agree with Jacin. Most brides have no idea what to do to get in shape, and yet almost every bride I know wants to. If you could assist some one with their wedding nutrition? Great idea!

    I also love that you interspersed honeymoon pictures in the post. Great mix up!

  5. I think many brides who are really excited about their wedding feel this way afterwards — I know I did. But honestly, it fades over time. If a friend asked me to help plan her wedding, would I? In a heartbeat and it would be a ton of fun. However, after the wedding you don’t really have a reason any more to flip through wedding magazines and blogs, usually it only ends up with you thinking “I wish I would have done this instead…”, and thus the “glow” wears off and the whole excitement from planning your wedding goes away. Life takes over and you become more focused on other things, like planning a friend’s bachelorette party, or baby shower, or having your own baby and then you get just as excited over those as you did with your wedding and feel the exact same way afterwards.

    Don’t get me wrong, some people are made to go into “the wedding industry”, but I’d say give it some substantial time to see if you really feel that way.

  6. Gahhhh love it. I want to go to there…….

  7. Ah! What fun! We are so, so happy for you! But yes…now comes the question “what do we do now?” Well, we say enjoy your new life together by doing super fun, yet simple things together. Even if it’s as simple as reading outside, taking a walk, or seeing a movie, doing it together makes life so much sweeter!

  8. Oh Claire. I am so at the same place as you. What now? – I got sucked in and I keep wanting to read blogs, be a part of the community, inspire, work hard, be challenged and love what I do… So I hear you my friend I do.
    Just know that no matter which direction you choose for yourself in this big industry, I will be there supporting you all the way…
    Beautiful pics Elliot! Very impressed 😛
    Steph xoxo

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  10. Alicia

    I felt EXACTLY the same way! And it was so unexpected as I too never cared much about weddings or wedding blogs and now I am obsessed! I am still trying to figure out how I can integrate myself in the world of weddings but for now I’ll just keep blogging!

  11. Well Jacin summed it up perfectly! Really, she did! I can sooooo see you making a spot for your self in this industry, and Jacin just gave you a perfect example! Not only working with brides on nutrition, but also with wedding planners who know of brides with specific nutrition requirements. And possibly working with big wedding food vendors/caters/venues to come up with menu plans that are nutritious or meet specific diet requirements! Honey, you will do it ~ no doubt!!!! And a HUGE congrats on your start with being a contributor to Jacin’s blog!!!


  12. Its funny, because I had the exact opposite response. I was also a girl who knew nothing about weddings to following (ok obsessing) over wedding blogs. But, after our wedding I didn’t want to have a single thing to do with weddings. I have no idea why I had that reaction since I absolutely loved our wedding day, but I did! Now, about 10 months later, I’m getting back into weddings (and loving your blog, btw).

    I also agree with those who commented earlier – I think weddings and nutrition can go hand and hand. Maybe some brides are looking to lose weight and other couples might just want to start their lives together on a healthy note.

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