Thursday Purseday Beach Totes by Angela of Swatchbook Weddings

Angela is my cyber twin sister, I swear. I’ve always loved Angela from her hilarious posts to her adorable posts, but really connected with her over pop culture, Seinfeld to be exact. I believe I gchated ” Hellooooooooooooo! Ps Angela, I said that in my best Seinfeld voice.” Her response? “AHHH NEWMAN!” I knew we’d be fast friends. I’m so happy she came back from her hiatus to post for me. Angela, you are the George to my Jerry and thank you so much for posting!

Hello m’dears! It’s Angela from Swatchbook Weddings & I’m filling in for Ms. – actually, MRS! Claire while she is whisked away on her honeymoon. I know you guys feel the same when I say I am so happy for her! We have been each other’s ear via gchat many times and no matter what is stressing us out, we always sign off cracking up & feeling much better. So in honor of her much deserved honeymoon & the fact that it’s Thursday Purseday, I’ve picked out some of my favorite brightly colored beach totes that are perfect for a tropical getaway!







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5 responses to “Thursday Purseday Beach Totes by Angela of Swatchbook Weddings

  1. Oh my goodness, I love the second one.
    I want to take that to a beach stat – if only the snow would leave the ground…

  2. i could use all of these, really…. 🙂

  3. Guess which one I want badly? Hint pink with bow! Love the last one…too much!

  4. I am obsessing over that one too!! Although I like the cuteness of the third one…oh hell. I love them all! 😉

  5. All over the yellow striped one!!

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