Free and Fun Cocktail Party Template by Brancoprata

I’m so honored to have the fabulous Brancoprata guest posting here! Sofia has been a rock in  my life and I’m so incredibly blown away by the talent of this incredible duo. Thank you both for absolutely everything, from putting a smile on  my face to helping me out when I’ve been stressed! Thanks for posting while I’m beaching!

Hi there lovely readers of A Realistic Wedding. We are Sofia and André, from Brancoprata and we are here to guest post while beautiful Claire is off celebrating her wedding and honeymoon!

Since Claire will be a newlywed when she returns we thought that she will probably be having a lot of gatherings and parties for her friends and family… that being said, we thought about making a free download for Claire and you (her faithful readers). A cool, modern invitation template for a night of fun and cocktails!

In this case we used a muslin bag as an envelope and attached a circular paper tag!

We hope you like it and … use it 😉

Claire, once again, thank you for inviting us to guest post here on your blog!!


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4 responses to “Free and Fun Cocktail Party Template by Brancoprata

  1. Adorable Sofia! I am so using this!

  2. Cute! Yay for Claire’s wedding!!!

  3. I love this…I should use it for my birthday because its so cute & it has my initial too

  4. OMG Sofia this is just the cutest idea!! I really love muslin bags…but I think you already knew that…so fabulous to put a small invite in!!! Of course, you know I will be using this!!! Thank you for sharing my dear!

    And to my sweetpea Claire – hope you are having an amazing time “beaching”!!!


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