Tuesday Shoesday: Last one as a Miss!

I’m getting a little choked up here guys. It’s my LAST, very last, Tuesday Shoesday as a Miss! Can you believe it friends? It’s been a long journey but it’s here! Weee! So to celebrate my madness and my impending nuptials, I’m going wild and crazy. I’m talking clashing colors, 5 inch heels and crazy patterns. Go big or go home, and I’m going big! (No, I’m not on crack, I’m just losing my mind, NBD.) And in the world of crazy, high couture shoes, these aren’t that expensive. These Gaga like pumps will only set you back $795! Can be found at Neiman Marcus.

Aren’t these wild?



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8 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: Last one as a Miss!

  1. jacin

    yay its getting more and more exciting by the day! so so happy for you!

  2. Eden

    They have a 60s vibe to them. Love it!

  3. Alicia

    SO wild! Make sure you sign your name a bunch of times and get it out of your system! 🙂

  4. Hey sweetie ~ I couldn’t be more thrilled for you!!!! Eeks, I can’t believe the time has come so fast. Soon you will be a new Mrs. And a fabulous one at that!!!! Wishing you the most fabulously, perfect day of your life ;-))) Even though I know it will be!


  5. These are amazing!!! How exciting for you… I remember this time well!! Hope you have the most incredible time in the world!!! xoxo

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