Dress of the Day: BHLDN.

I’ve been swooning over the dresses and gowns of BHLDN since the beginning. I wanted to wait until the craze died down a bit before I did a dress of the day post, but I don’t think that will ever happen. And for good reason. These gowns and dresses are mind-blowing pieces of wearable art. Each gown boasts immaculate detailing, like drop skirts with all over floral pattern, ruffled hems and sewn on beads and sequins.

[Photos via BHLDN]

I was sold at ruffly hem here.

So how does one choose a dress of the day when all of the dresses are worthy of this title? You sort of have to close your eyes and feature the one you land on! Today, friends, we are showcasing a gorgeous green dress that has a ruffly hem (wee!) and gorgeous ribbon texture, made of 100% pure silk. Oh, and did I mention it’s green? A gorgeous shade of celadon, this would be a fabulous bridesmaid dress (for the wealthiest of weddings) or even a dress for the non traditional bride. This dress is moderately priced if you are purchasing it for your wedding or a black tie, fancy gala, but for bridesmaids or guests of weddings, this is quite steep at $1,600!

I’m obsessed with this dress on the model because the colors looks amazing next to her fair complexion and red hair. This dress gives other dresses serious complexes.



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4 responses to “Dress of the Day: BHLDN.

  1. Stunning… i would wear all their dresses… without even looking… this one is … stunning!!

  2. Alicia

    Love this dress! Let’s hope it goes on sale!

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  4. I ADORE this dress… the colour is just perfection!

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