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Vegas, Baby! Bachelorette Photo Recap!

I am so excited to bring you some photos from my amazing bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas! Sin city is one of my favorite places to visit for a few reasons. For one, it houses the most amazing clubs ever. I’m talking multi-levels with moon roofs and balconies overlooking the Strip. Secondly, they have gambling machines in almost every building. Supermarkets not excluded. Third, you can drink ANYWHERE in the city. I’m talking anywhere. And they sell frozen liquor in 55 ounce guitars. (See photo below).

In 10 words or less, it was one of the best weekends ever. I have, hands down, some of the best friends and family a gal could ever ask for. I am so thankful to the girls who came and celebrated, it was certainly a weekend to remember 🙂 So without further ado, some photographs of the epic party. Photos brought to you by my lovely bridesmaids Emily and Liz and my cousin Caitlin.

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