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Marvelous Monday: Dress of the Day

I would say happy Monday, but I’m pretty sure that’s sacrilegious. So, happy beautiful dress day! I’m currently having a mild panic attack since the wedding is 18 days away so looking at something that has NOTHING to do with my event is proving to relax me a bit. So onward to the gorgeous dress of the day!

I’ve been a big fan of Christo’s since I tried on one of the magnificent gowns 8 months ago. When you put on a Christos gown, you don’t feel like a typical bride. The fabric, the shapes and the embellishment turn you into the center of attention, a bride with a serious sense of style. You look and feel like you belong on the runway! I sort of want to try it on, just to see what it looks like in real life. Once a bride, always a bride? No? Well, just take a peek at it. It’s hard not to want!

[Photo via]

Isn’t the detailing just magnificent?! [Photos provided by Michiko Daydreams]

This gown is what dreams are made of. If your dreams cost over $10,000!



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