Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Olive & Cocoa

I’m scoring some pretty sweet new catalouges in my mail lately.

As you’ll recall, the home good gods surprised me with a subscription to Garnet and Hill, which got my house decorating juices flowing. As I was prancing around my one bedroom home this weekend, measuring walls for paintings and carpet for rugs, I stumbled upon a little gem I must have overlooked in last week’s mail, a catalog for the Salt Lake City boutique Olive and Cocoa. After just a few moments of flipping through it, I immediately fell in love. This catalog? It’s where it’s at friends, especially if you are looking for some fabulous decor pieces for your wedding.

How beautiful would these Glaçon trees be at the entrance to your reception? Or placed around the dance floor/bar? And that’s not all, guys. Olive and Cocoa has more fabulously rustic decor pieces like these, as well as other fabulous centerpieces, favors and gift ideas, jewelry, table top accessories and food. Yep, they even have delicious food. I’m all about the one stop shopping, especially when it comes to wedding decor and accessory shopping. Why pay to ship from multiple stores when there is just one that has everything you need? Enough gabbing, here are my favorite O & C pieces. How would you use them for your wedding?

Emma Cupcake Stands

[Sweets table photo via]

Wouldn’t these Emma Cupcake stands and ruffled cake plates be the perfect addition to your sweets bar? Why, I think so too! I love the the mixture of different colors and materials when creating a vintage sweets bar. You can really have fun with the look! The same goes for your bar top and stem ware. You don’t have to stick to a boring look when creating your bar. You can play around with different looks, such as wine bottle candles or these adorable wine decanters. They look better than a typical bottle and keep the wine aired out! And play around with your glasses. Instead of traditional wine glasses, serve wine in these fun cups!

[Decanters and glasses]

While you’re on a funky glass kick, try out these fabulous champagne flutes! They are not only cuter than the standard flute, but they are studier! Perfect for clumsy friends and family members!

Now, back to the table top decor. You want fun vases for your centerpieces that aren’t super expensive and will look just as fabulous in your home as they do on the table. Well, I found such vases! I’m very into funky designs and colors so I immediately put these into my virtual shopping cart [to buy once I have disposable income again, whenever that may be]. These would be so cute for your centerpieces or just as decor around the reception! For an even better look, pair with these green bowls. On alternate tables, fill these bowls with a lush bouquet or potpurri!

[Fabric flower and bowl of flowers]

Let’s move on from that gorgeous-ness to something that will really get you smiling. Because everyone loves food!  I’m a foodie, as you know, and I’m really getting into baking and food photography. [You can see my attempts here!] When I see pretty cupcakes, cookies and cakes, I start to imagine how I could pair them with props to create a perfect photograph. Weird? I know. Well as I was stalking Olive & Cocoa, I immediately fell in love with their edible selections.  And they are so beautifully packaged you wouldn’t need to do any prep! Let’s start with the chocolate, shall we?

Hungry yet? Let’s move onto the delicious novelty sweets. Lollipops, licorice and the makings for an ice cream bar will furnish your sweets/candy bar in no time! Plus, O & C packages the necessary containers so you don’t need to buy any additional boxes, bowls or jars! Nice right?

My mouth is watering. I have a serious sweet tooth and I’m this close to licking the screen. Oh and they don’t just do sweets either. They have gift baskets that have cheese, meat and nuts. Mix those with chocolate and I’m one happy girl.

Since I can not afford to gain another pound before my wedding, let’s quickly move to their floral arrangements. See, I told you, a one stop shop! You can get your flowers, food and decor from one snazzy little shop! Anyway, their floral arrangements are gorgeous and they offer color palettes and flower choices for just about anyone’s tastes. Whether you are having a backyard BBQ or a formal wedding in November, they’ve got you covered.

Aren’t these arrangements gorgeous? They come in the box you see pictured, so all you need to do is set them up! Although, they are slightly pricey at over $100 per arrangement. If budget is no concern, however, wouldn’t these make perfect centerpieces? Add a few smaller bud vases, candles and candle sticks and you have a fabulously chic vintage centerpiece! If you are looking for a more natural vibe, feature a potted succulent trough at your long tables and surround with sticks and cotton balls [like shown below]. Simple and still stunning!

[Decked out rustic centerpiece]

Whites, browns and natural greens are the perfect choice for brides with an earthy color palette and an outdoor affair.

If your vibe is more glamour and colorful than natural, chose bouquets that have bright flowers like red and yellow roses and pink peonies. For added glam, deck out your vase/box with crystals, rhinestones and pearls!

Aren’t they beautiful? And put together so perfectly? If big, elaborate centerpieces aren’t in your budget, try replacing larger bouquets with a few smaller flowers, like the ones below. You can group 3-4 together to create a beautiful arrangement without blowing your budget!

Cute little things aren’t they? I swear, they are not sponsoring me to write this or showcase their goods. I’m sort of just, really obsessed! Have I left you without enough amazing stuff? No? Okay, before I bit you ado, take a peek at these adorable mugs. J’adore!

Oh and I’m going to Vegas this weekend for my bachelorette. So, say prayers for me. It’s going to get just a little wild.



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7 responses to “Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Olive & Cocoa

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  2. A beautiful, chocolaty, tasty ideas post…perfection!

  3. Where do I begin? This post is just full to the brim with goodness! I think I must go and sign up for that catalogue! Those trees, the cupcake stands, and really everything is just charming!

  4. Gorgeous stuff! I’m going to have to sign up for this catalogue!

  5. Wow, this place is amazing! I’m going to go order a catalogue now, it’s all so pretty

  6. Alicia

    This is dangerous because I love it all! I love the cupcake stands and those wine decanters… fabulous!

  7. I can’t believe I just found you through Emily! Have so much fun on your bachelorette weekend and I can’t wait to peruse all of your pretty entries! 🙂 (MrsJYW on twitter)

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