Friday’s Fab Finds: Goods for Your Nest

Oh Lilly, How I love thee! [1 & 2]

It’s 70 degrees out today! In DC! And it’s sunny! Please excuse me while I run around outside, jumping up and down. As one of my friends so wonderfully put today: “It’s a perfect day to have roof-top drinks.” I could not agree more. However, it’s also a Friday, which means I’m at work. Which also means I’m not partaking in the gorgeous weather OR said rooftop drinks. It’s just a little heart breaking. Well, to cheer up my sullen mood by being trapped inside, I’m bringing ya’ll some GORGEOUS home good stuff that will brighten up your day, no matter what the weather is like where you are!

Ya’ll have heard of Garnet Hill I presume? For some reason lately, I’ve been getting their catalogs. I never subscribed, so I think it’s a work of fate. The home good gods are seeing my sad excuse of an apartment and saying, “She needs some cute new accessories and a new comforter set. Let’s send her this catalog in  hopes she’ll get inspired.” Well, home good gods, I am! And this is because Garnet Hill is now featuring LILLY PULITZER home accessories. Yes, the same Lilly Pulitzer who made those gorgeous dresses above made a special line of home stuff for your house/apartment! Take a peek, you’ll want to buy them, trust me! You can find these here.

Heritage Floral Comforter Cover
I LOVE the bright, beautiful colors! It would feel like springtime in your bedroom all year long!

Chinoiserie towels, Lilly of the Valley shower curtain and Chinoiserie bath rug
I’m pretty sure I would live in this bathroom. All the time. So bright and beautiful!

Lilly of the Valley Percale Bedding in light blue and pink

Catching Z’s Hooked Rug
How perfect would this be in a nursery? So fun and bright!

Ring My Bell and Catching Z’s Needlepoint Pillows

Once my wedding is over and I can afford the little luxuries known as home goods again, you bet your bottom dollar  my house will be decked bathroom to bedroom in these gorgeous little pieces! And because I’m obsessed with her clothing line as well, here are my 2 other favorite dresses in her collection right now,  besides the other two at the top of course.

[3 & 4]



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5 responses to “Friday’s Fab Finds: Goods for Your Nest

  1. Alicia

    I’m loving all those bright colors! Especially the towels!

  2. Love the top left yellow dress and the navy one is cute too!

  3. That first dress…I’m in love!

  4. jacin

    GREAT roundup!!

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