38 Days, Lounge Areas & Fabulous Vintage Knick Knacks

So, um…I’m getting married in 38 days. AHHHH. Commence freak out now! I had a mild anxiety attack last night because there are about a thousand things I still feel like I have left to do. A small peek at my ever-expanding mental to do list is here:

  • Go tanning [this is a real life cause of anxiety for me, folks]
  • Buy smaller lanterns for lounge tables
  • Get e-sesh pics framed!!
  • Keep tabs on RSVP’s
  • Somehow lose 10 pounds before the honeymoon? [another cause of anxiety]
  • Pay remaining decor, limo and photography balance…

I wont’ bore you with the rest of them, but there are A LOT that comprise the “rest of them.” As nervous/anxious I am about the little details, I’m also incredibly excited about it! This event, this whole living, breathing organism that has taken over the past year of my life is almost here. It’s incredibly bittersweet, but I’m ready. Oh and that whole marriage thing? I’m even more excited for that part đŸ™‚

As you can see, my mind is going about 10,000 miles a minute! So I’m going to slow down and show you some of my ideas for the lounge area. Yes, you read that right, we are having a lounge area. It’s going to be under the tent next to the dance floor and will have sofas with tons of tables and chairs for people to sit on when they are taking a break from dancing. A few examples are below:

[1 & 2]

[3 & 4]

[5 & 6]

Don’t they look so pretty yet so comforting? Although my fabulous wedding planner is going to make it perfect, I’m still a little nervous as to what decorations will be on the table tops. I want it to look simple, stylish and vintage, without too much fluff and nonsense. In my head, that makes sense. Here are a few adorable decor pieces I’m currently swooning over for the tables in front of the sofas and the 4×4 and 2×2 tables. Simple, understated, vintage perfection đŸ™‚

[1 & 2]

[3 & 4]

[5 & 6]

[7 & 8]

What are your thoughts? About my crazed mind, my countdown, the lounge and decor? Any suggestions are welcome!


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One response to “38 Days, Lounge Areas & Fabulous Vintage Knick Knacks

  1. These lounge ideas are AMAZING. Love the bright happy yellow set up best. xo style, she wrote

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