Valentine’s Inspired Dress of the Day

Oh hey Valentine’s Day. Nice to see you! Thanks for bringing some warm weather! It’s about damn time! Before I share a perfectly pink Valentine’s inspired dress of the day, I’m sharing a fabulous e-card from Some e Cards. Been there? If you haven’t, you are missing out.

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: You make me feel like a pudgy, naked, winged child has shot an arrow into my chest cavity.

This card makes me laugh out loud every single time I read it! I hope you are all having a beautiful and loving Valentine’s Day! And if you’re single, I hope you’re having a wonderful day wearing black and spitting on happy couples.

I’m a part of a happy couple but am not super into Valentine’ s Day. Although I’m a sucker for flowers and candy, I don’t usually make a big deal out of it. I’m whipping up some delicious culinary treats for my sweetie tonight, but other than that? Business as usual my friends. I won’t be a Scrooge though, for all of those love birds out there, so take a peek at this GORGEOUS pale pink dress from Claire La Faye.

Much like her other gowns, this is made from soft silk chiffon and has a very light and airy texture. I visualize this gown at  a late spring, early summer garden brunch or at a warm, outdoor wedding.



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6 responses to “Valentine’s Inspired Dress of the Day

  1. Very pretty dress!! And loving that card!! Hope you have a lovely Valentines day…. it’s always very low key for us as well although I did get surprised with flowers unusually, and food made for me all day since hubby had the day off!

  2. jacin & erin {real weddings revealed}

    love it!

  3. Great pick for the perfect day. Absolutely love Claire La Faye! I didn’t intend to rhyme that… by the way. 😉 xoxo!

  4. Could make a good bmaid dress pick even. If the wedding was going with neutrals and blush tones.

  5. Such a soft fairytale look. Just a gorgeous color of blush.

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