Daydreamer Friday…

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’ve been staring at Excel for the better part of the day. Safe to say, my eyeballs are buzzing and I needed to give myself a jolt back to life. Now, ya’ll know I’m sort of pumped for my honeymoon right? Well, we are booking our flights there tonight so my excitement level is now out-of-FREAKING-control. I can’t focus anymore so my office mate and I are squeezing out of work a wee bit early to hit a local watering hole for some fabulous sangria. Yes, yes you can be jealous.

OH! And it’s 50 degrees out!! Hello short sleeves! Back to the point, you may remember this photo from my T & C inspiration board. I’m so in love with it I made it the backdrop on my computer! It’s a bit creepy since I have no idea who the couple is, but I just can’t help it. The sunset is beautiful and they look so in love. This is what I want my honeymoon to be like!




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2 responses to “Daydreamer Friday…

  1. What a gorgeous photo – I love it.

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