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The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned Planning My Wedding

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As our wedding nears closer, I have found myself taking a step back from the chaos to analyze these past 10 months since my engagement. Although they have been some of the best months of my life, they sure as H have not been the easiest. I’ve learned valuable lessons about the industry, stress levels, relinquishing control, self esteem, budgets and having faith in others. But most importantly, I’ve learned some beautiful and not so beautiful things about myself and my relationship. Here are the most important takeaways I’ve learned while planning my dream wedding. I hope these help other frazzled bride to bes find harmony in a very tumultuous time!

  • It won’t last forever. Even if you are a bride who plans to go into full time wedding coordination, planning YOUR wedding comes with a whole new set of stresses and triggers that you won’t have planning other people’s weddings. Although 90% of this planning has been absolutely amazing, I’m in the 10% where I’m literally at my wits end. What keeps me sane is knowing that in 2 short months, my wedding planning will be over with. The event will be here and over in the blink of an eye. And then I’m done. It’ll be incredibly bittersweet, trust me. I’ve really gotten attached to the planning process. But I’m also looking forward to having free time again, a level head and some pocket change too.

You will be a beautiful bride and your event will be gorgeous, remember that! [Via]

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