Tuesday Shoesday: I Needed an Outlet :)

That about sums up how I feel right now.

As the title alludes to, I’M A LITTLE FREAKIN’ STRESSED. And it’s over a part of wedding planning that is not fun, at all. It’s stupid and logistical but absolutely has to be done. I’m talking about coordinating shuttle services to and from the venue from one of our booked hotels. Although this is my fault for assuming, I just thought the hotel [a big chain hotel, none the less] would have some sort of shuttle service to and from their hotel for big events. Well, as I found out today, I was VERY wrong with that assumption. They don’t offer any sort of shuttle service. At this point, I wasn’t too stressed because we had a back-up plan already. We were already in conversation with a limo company that was going to take the bridal party around Charleston for photos. I thought, “well, why not have them do the shuttle service too, kill two birds with one stone and still stay in budget?”  Once again, wrong in that assumption. It would cost like double our budget to do that, and trust me, we just don’t have the extra funds lying underneath our couch or in a rainy day fund. This brings me to my current panic-stricken and explicative-shouting position. I just don’t understand why we can’t book a limo for 2 hours for photos, then for an hour to pick guests up before the ceremony and an hour to pick them up after the reception. I just don’t get why we need to pay for the 7+ hours when no one is using it! But, I’m also not in the business and am just being a bit of a bridezilla. I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation as to why this can’t happen. But right now? Entertain me friends, and just let me vent.

Since I’m fuming over here, I needed an outlet, and I needed it fast.  Thankfully, today is Tuesday Shoesday so an outlet was quite easy to find! [Thank you Neiman Marcus!] I’m feeling very extreme, obviously, so I found some gorgeous and couture pumps that are dashing, daring, sassy, sexy and very unique. These are definite Carrie Bradshaw pumps! What do you think, about the shoes and the shuttle?

Casadei Chain-Platform Sandal

Alexander McQueen Crystallized Suede Biker Bootie

Valentino Fairy Tale Tie-Back Sandal

Valentino Lace-Up Wedge Sandal

and the finale…

Brian Atwood Studded Multicolor Cutout Pump
What do you think about this extravagant shoe? It kind of reminds me of a child’s outdoor play set, with all of the cut outs and colors! It’s a definite SJP pump, that’s for sure!

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8 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: I Needed an Outlet :)

  1. Alicia

    I love that lace wedge! So cute! I’m SO sorry for your drama. Weddings are a big fat pain and ALL of them have some sort of disaster- big or small. I had one and my only relief was knowing at least my drama didn’t occur on the actual day. Go to U-Haul, rent one for 20 bucks and load your family/friends in the trailer! No? I have nothing better to offer.

  2. The way that limo companies work is just weird, it baffles me that they won’t be flexible for you! I’m sorry you’re going through all the nonsense. Hope it all works out. :/

    On the upside, those shoes are glorious.

  3. Great shoes!

    I used to work for a limo company…do you want the answer? First, this probably means you’re booked with a really good company who can’t afford to “give away” time. The reason they won’t book you for an hour in front and an hour in back (on a SATURDAY) is b/c then they can’t do anything with the in between time…which means neither they nor the driver is making any $$. Most limo companies – who are good and can choose to do this – will have minimums on Saturdays and even more during Prom season.

    My suggestion is call around to other companies for the guest transport; SOMEBODY will break up the time for you, especially in March. Or…..and you’re going to hate this suggestion…. suck it up and order a shuttle for the whole time. You’ll have guests that want/need to leave a bit earlier than everyone else and will be happy to have the shuttle waiting.

    But I really do feel your pain; at my own wedding I waited until THE DAY BEFORE to figure this issue out! We were going to use golf carts but then the hurricane loomed…so I looked into renting SUVs (we had friends of friends willing to drive the ‘shuttles’ for a free meal) but that didn’t work. FINALLY at 5pm on Friday my brother and I waltzed into this little travel agency that had a shuttle bus outside – he let us use it, and DRIVE it, for $130 total!

    Something good will work out for you too. 🙂 Sorry for writing a novel.

  4. Oh honey, that chain platform is calling my name. Sorry you’re so stressed. Honestly after we saw the costs of shuttles, we told our friends to carpool to the site. Which was 30 minutes from the freeway. And they were totally cool with it. This day is about you. And the party. Sorry for the freak outs!

  5. Cute lace wedges!! So sorry for your wedding woes!! Hope you manage to find a suitable solution!!

  6. Oh, I don’t envy you all of the headache of planning the wedding. I hope you are able to work it all out without having to go over budget. In the meantime, you spent your time very wisely. What better therapy is there than shoe shopping?!

  7. Deep breaths. At least you have these amazing shoes to ogle. 😉

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