Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton is an icon, simply put. His designs are classic, timeless and synonymous with wealth, class  and sophistication. The LV logo is unmistakable, and is nearly as identifiable across the world as the Nike check. Even though I could spend hours gushing about every single thing LV produces, I’m going to focus on the handbags, which are what he’s most well-known for. I’ve wanted a Louis Vuitton for…ever. My style is a mishmash of preppy WASP meets trendy fashionista meets comfortable chic. I’m constantly mixing up my wardrobe to reflect who I want to be at that moment. [Isn’t fashion wonderful?] Well, no matter what skin I’m wearing, a gorgeously handcrafted soft leather Louis would go perfectly. I don’t own one yet, but my dream is to have one by year’s end [when the wedding is over and I have disposable income once again!]

LV Monogram Speedy

Damiere Ebene Canvas Berkeley

Cabas GM Monogram Sabbia

Pochette Monogram Sabbia

Alma Nomade

and the finales…

Pouchette Devi MM
I love the quilted fabric, the bright purple color and the ruffle top! So cute!

Rococo Pouch
I’m digging the colors and the soft looking fabric. How perfect would this clutch be with a little black dress? Or better yet, your wedding gown if purple is one of your colors!

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