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Marvelous Monday: Wedding Dresses for under $500


Gorgeous gowns for an even better price! [Photo via]

If that headline didn’t grab your attention, well, I just don’t know what will! So where can one find a gorgeous wedding dress for such a small price tag? Surely not a well known shop or high fashion boutique, right? Wrong! As I was perusing one of my favorite clothing retailers, I happily clicked on their newly designed Weddings and Events button and was blown away! The wedding dresses featured are stunning and made beautifully, using organza, silk, lace and cotton in flattering and modern shapes. You are, honestly, going to die when I tell you where I found them. Suspense killing you yet? Okay, okay. I’ll tell you. THE LIMITED!! I know, I can’t believe it either. They introduced their wedding line in February of 2010 with only two dresses and now have about 9 offered, plus a great variety of bridesmaid dresses!The Limited is one of my favorite clothing retailers because they always have a great mix of trendy and timeless pieces and their clothes fit me like a glove. Seriously! Perfect for work attire, social events and now weddings! So ladies if you are shopping for a dress on a budget or wouldn’t mind the extra cash in your wallet, check out this selection! 🙂

Lace Column Wedding Dress, $398

One Shoulder Embellished Gown

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