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A Very Merry and Magical Christmas

Seasons Greetings! I can’t believe it’s already December 17th! I also can’t believe I was able to hide what I’m about to showcase for 2 months! I’ve been bursting at the seams! Well, the time is here and as the snowflakes dance outside my window, I couldn’t imagine a better moment to share what I’ve been cooking up.

At the end of October, after seeing an endless series of AMAZING holiday photo shoots, I got an idea. A big idea that I knew I needed help to execute. That’s where Sofia & Andre from Brancoprata and Kristi from Luna and Chloe Weddings came in. My idea? Why, the very namesake of this article. I had an idea to create a very merry and magical Christmas photo shoot and I wanted Sofia & Kristi to take a spin at creating two gorgeous, but different, recreations of this simple and broad idea.  I gave them a few suggestions to get them started then let the artists free to create what is, surely, the most gorgeous Christmas shoots ever.

One post surely can not handle the magnitude of perfection that is both of their shoots, so I am splitting them up. Today, I will feature Sofia and Andre’s modern and clean Christmas look, full of sophisticated details, fresh new colors and a dash of sparkle. So without further ado, I bring you the amazing shoot by Sofia and Andre, and a few words from them about their inspiration.

Hi everybody, we are so happy to share our little Christmas inspiration here on A Realistic Wedding!This year we decided to do something with a modern clean look! We wanted to use a color scheme that had a Christmas feeling about it, but at the same time a different twist, that is why we decided to use red, silver and pink! Our main inspiration was “Love, Live, Christmas!” and we choose a small dinner with the family, some nice wrapped presents and some sweets for desert!


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