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Thursday Purseday: Bargain Bags

I’m slightly ashamed to admit this. My wedding? It’s draining my bank account! But my tastes have not changed, of course. Caviar taste on a beer budget is what they call my current predicament. And as much as I love staring at gorgeous Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Prada handbags each week, the longing and obsession is getting out of hand. It’s like when you go window shopping without any money. You find so many things you want but can’t buy them and it’s kind of disheartening! So today I’m sharing some budget bags that are so cute, people will think they cost a fortune! All bags can be found at Forever 21.

Leatherette Bucket Bag: $22.80

Mini patent handbag with bow: $10.80

Studded Leatherette Clutch: $25.80

Leatherette Petal Bag: $24.80

Day to Night Clutch: $8.99

Sparkling Bow Bag: $12.80

Metal Tessellantion Handbag: $14.80

Leatherette Chain Clutch: $17.80

Satin Pleated Clutch: $14.80

and the finale…

Crinkled Handle Purse: $30.80

I love the bow, the texture, the color and most importantly, the price!

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Winter Inspiration Series on She Said Yes

Hi Friends!! Although I’ll be posting here shortly with a snazzy holiday purse, I wanted to first point you to Jacin’s site so you can catch my take on winter wedding decoration inspiration! I’ll be featured this afternoon so remember to stop by and check it out!


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