Wednesday Wedding Wonders: A Gorgeous Scotland Wedding Part 1

I woke up Monday morning to an amazing birthday present, one I’m about to share with you all, courtesy of Craig and Eva Sanders Photography. I first found Craig and Eva through one of Cake and Picture’s daily destinations. Remember this cake? It was shot by the amazing duo and I knew from first glance I just had to see more.  I love that their photographs have an angelic and feathery look and feel to them. The native Scottish team paired up in 2004 and have captured hundreds of beautiful brides all around the gorgeous countryside since. I’m so excited to be showcasing one of the lucky couples, Brian and Lee, today.

The beautiful bride and groom were married at the picturesque University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow University, founded in 1451,  is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. The university, as you’ll see below, boasts stunning architecture and scenery, which make it the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Their reception was held at the Moorpark House, a historic mansion in Aryshire, Scotland. The home, once a private residence for the Knox family, features ornate stained glass windows, sweeping views of the countryside and the Gold Room, which has a magnificent gold leaf ceiling reflective of the Italian Renaissance. Just looking at these venues make me want to up and get married in Scotland! [Like I need another reason to go, right?] I’ll stop and just show the photos now, because they definitely speak 1,000 words!

Check back tomorrow for the reception photos because, trust me, they are JUST as gorgeous 🙂



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12 responses to “Wednesday Wedding Wonders: A Gorgeous Scotland Wedding Part 1

  1. SO PRETTY!! I mean are you kidding me with that unbelievable church!?!?! WOW!!

  2. What gorgeous photography and a beautiful wedding. So excited to see any weddings at Glasgow University as I am also getting married in the chapel there!

  3. L. O. V. E. Stunning scenery tradition a gorgeous bride {especially that headband}. My eyes are happy today.

  4. Not to mention, what a totally breathtaking venue and details! Wow~

  5. I think I need to move to Scotland…wow, wonderful!

  6. Oh shizzz. These are soooo good!

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  8. I hope my wedding is as nice as this 🙂

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