Thursday Purseday: All I Want For Christmas…

…is a bag full of sparkle, a bag full of lace, a bag with big bows, that has  style and grace.  One that makes an impression, when I bring to a party, a bag so stunning and gorgeous, it won’t matter that I’m tardy! What better way to start off a Thursday than with a purse rhyme? Although I say this every week, Santa, I really want this bag. It’s sparkly and feminine and the perfect accessory to all of my holiday galas and balls. [Okay, so maybe just one party, but a girl can dream!] This fabulous bag can be found on Etsy. And with how well I know my readers and friends, I know it won’t be in stock for long!

Which one is your favorite? I’ll take the sequins black one, please! Oh, what am I kidding, I’ll take one of each!

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10 responses to “Thursday Purseday: All I Want For Christmas…

  1. Dawn

    I love it!! (Both the purse & the rhyme)

  2. how cute are you! we are both sparkly today!!! and i just realized i need to amend my list of other people in thursday purseday!!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! One of those bags i could easily buy 😉

  4. Gorge! My fave is also the black sequins…when you get all three can I borrow that one? 😉

  5. Ok. I say YES to these. Loving! Great find 🙂

  6. Love the black one with sparkles. Perfect for a night out.

  7. I love sequins! 🙂 Cute finds!!!

  8. I’m with you – one of each!

  9. Pretty!! I will take that little number with the black lace.

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