Fridays Fab Finds: Peppermint Pretty

Penny Candy

Like what you see? Well you’ll just have to read to find out more!

IT’S FRIDAY, WAHOOO!!! Even though my week wasn’t exceptionally stressful or irritating, I’m still beyond happy it’s Friday. For one, we are escaping the hustle and bustle of the city  for a weekend at the Shenandoah Valley. Not only will the weather be gorgeous [60’s and sunny, yes please!] but the scenery will also be remarkable. I need some fresh mountainous air and lots of bright fall foliage. I also need to spend 2 full days exercising, especially with the wedding countdown ticking away! Luckily, I also booked us a pet friendly room in the hotel on the top of one of the mountains [hello gorgeous sunrise!] which means the pups can get out for some much-needed exercise. Although, I suspect, Oscar will be in my arms the whole time. Let’s just say he’s not a “rough and outdoorsy” kind a boy.

Enough about me though, it’s time for some fab finds. I know that’s why ya’ll stick around 🙂 Honestly, as much as I’ve tried to shy away, I just can’t overcome my blatant, wallet busting OBSESSION with Etsy. I’ve tried to not shop there, but I just can’t stay away. And Peppermint Pretty’s, a vintage wedding dress line based out of Kansas City, page is partly to blame. Erin Coleman, the owner and designer, has seriously blown me away with her stunning, one of a kind vintage wedding dresses. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are incredibly affordable! With no dress costing more than $1,500, they are priced to fit into almost any budget! I could ramble about these stunning gowns forever, but I know ya’ll just want to see them. Get ready for some seriously amazing dresses. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about getting hooked!

Jackie Blue

Jackie Blue in light champagne

Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren in pale ivory with red stripe

My Sharona

My Sharona in light champagne

Maggie May

Maggie May

Maggie May in white
I love the ruffled collar!

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly in pale ivory
Isn’t the back of this dress stunning? Or as Naomi would say “bananas!”

Eleanore Rigby

Eleanore Rigby in pewter

Chelsea Morning

Chelsea Morning

Chelsea Morning in champagne

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline in white
“Sweet Caroline, oh oh oh!”

Remember the teaser photo above? Here’s the rest of the stunning dress.

Penny Candy

Penny Candy

Penny Candy

and now onto the finales…two dresses almost too pretty for words.

Pictures of Lily

Pictures of Lily

Pictures of Lily

Pictures of Lily in ivory

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday in teal
Isn’t that bright blue MAGNIFICENT? I’m not usually fond of bright wedding dresses, but this gown is definitely an exception. I love it paired with the blonde hair and bright red lips!



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11 responses to “Fridays Fab Finds: Peppermint Pretty

  1. Ah ha!! You are using my fave word (which I am EATING right now) BANANAS! I saw these dresses on Etsy and fell in love!I would totally rock Maggie me! Great post!

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  3. These are so fun! Great find. 🙂

  4. Some of these dresses are stunning!!!! Love them!

  5. I’m pretty hardcore obsessed with poms so I LOVE the My Sharona image. Cuteness all around

  6. Oh WOWZA! Some of these are just fabulous. And hope perfect is that pop of red for Fall and Winter! Absolutely LOVELY find!


  7. OMG, they are all so pretty! The pink is my fave. 🙂

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  9. I love these red touches! So sweet.

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