Thursday Purseday: Rosettes, Oh My!

I know I’m breaking the mold by not featuring a designer spotlight this week, I am just so busy with work and life, it’s a surprise I am able to eat and sleep!  So instead, I am featuring one little clutch that is currently number 3 on my wish list to Santa. [Number one is a pearl bracelet from Tiffany’s and number two is a new pair of Uggs, obviously]. What got me hooked, first and foremost, are the rosettes, naturally. But the colors are also perfect for fall and winter and I love the soft, satin fabric. And Santa, at $60 per bag, I can get them both, right? This gorgeous clutch is by Fallen Sparrow and can be purchased on Etsy.

Silk Clutch Cream or Green with Peach Flowers - Custom Options - Peaches n Cream

Silk Clutch Cream or Green with Peach Flowers - Custom Options - Peaches n Cream

Aren’t those rosettes just delicious? I’m a big fan of the cream with the orange flower, but I also love the deep forest green. Which one is your favorite?

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7 responses to “Thursday Purseday: Rosettes, Oh My!

  1. Le love! Matches the top image of your blog, too…did you notice! 🙂 xo

  2. CUTE! What would we do without Etsy, seriously?

  3. Alicia

    I love those little rosettes!! They look similar to the flower I made for my wedding! So cute!

  4. AWWW They match my wedding colors, i lovvveeee! too bad my wedding was six months ago. 😦

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