Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration by A Charity Wedding

Hello A Realistic Wedding readers!! I’m Alicia, a newlywed from The Charity Wedding. When I saw a cry for help by a stressed out planning bride aka Claire, I instantly had a flashback to just a few weeks ago when I was in her shoes. I knew I had to help! I am honored and thrilled to be posting on Claire’s blog today as she always has beautiful inspiration and ideas. For those lucky enough to follow her on Twitter, she recently Tweeted her pick for her rehearsal dinner dress. Virtual shoe shopping ensued as many Tweeters weighed in on what they thought would look best with the dress! I decided to create an inspiration board using her dress as the main inspiration. Here is a pick of the dress, followed by my inspiration board, using the same colors and idea!

kate spade new york 'elyse' silk dressKate Spade New York Elyse Dress, Nordstrom

For Claire



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8 responses to “Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration by A Charity Wedding

  1. Loving this board and that dress is so fun! Great post!

  2. The dress is fabulous and I’m loving the board you put together for her. Great job, Alicia!

  3. Alicia

    It looks super cute with the dress!! Good call on posting it! Have a great day!

  4. I remember this convo on twitter..nice job Alicia

  5. Alicia – you are fantastic! Not only did you step in and help Claire out…but you did an amazing inspiration board! Just love it…and yay for purple shoes!!!


  6. Love the board, love the dress, love the support 🙂

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